Compared with the total loss of the last game

Weishao played a good game today. Compared with the total loss of the last game, he hit 31 + 6 + 8 with nearly 50% of the shooting rate. Harden was troubled by fouls and felt bad. He shouldered the right of the ball in the transition section. Facing the letter defense and deliberately putting him in two steps, weishao succeeded in succession at 45 degrees on the left side. In the fourth quarter, he scored 11 points and killed the game with a layup and key 4 penalties.

I don’t want to go to GIF today, because the content of the competition will be remembered by all of you. This game may be the most significant game for the Rockets in the rematch – after today, the only team they will play is the Lakers. The bucks are not the full force lineup, but for the Rockets, they proved to everyone at one time that “if you just want to beat me with rebounds and inside advantage, it’s impossible.”.


2.7 thick eyebrow 67% hit rate slashed 32 + 13, Rockets win;

8.1 platinum 50% hit rate slashed 39 + 16, Rockets win;

8.3 letters & Daluo high efficiency chop 59 + 30, Rockets win;

8.7 heavy eyebrow XX hit rate slash XX + XX, Rockets win?

We’ll see.

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