A terrible victory!

The third consecutive crown won, ah, Durant got it, forest, MVP is not sure whether it is OK, now the first two games have not come out, under the circumstances, feeling, to curry’s feelings, how much ah, buckle you as long as you play normally, get this year’s MVP should not be too big a problem. It must be when the warriors can win the game, but we have to say that the price the warriors paid for winning this game is too high, ah, the price paid is too big. If Thompson is injured, the next game three and the fourth game can’t play, it is still very bad. This game should be inclined to the Raptors’ side, although the Raptors are now.


After crying for a match, the match was one-to-one, but the situation was still not fundamentally reversed. The form was still biased towards, hazy, on this side, so wait for Durant’s third game. It can be smooth and resurrected. Now it seems that it is not urgent to make a 1-1 play. In the first picture, there is still time for one more ball, which can be dragged twice more. In the case of Durant, he didn’t eat and kill him. I don’t think it’s too big a problem. There are many stars in the family. Now it shows the advantages.

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