This whole season more than 40 million contract is equivalent to playing the water drift

With Durant’s team of only 60 million, this whole season more than 40 million contract is equivalent to playing the water drift, the team, it is completely, not competitive ah, not competitive at all, if you want to be clear about it, for the warriors, he from the bottom of his heart.

Will sell off, lose Durant this contract, but it is because Durant’s warriors pay too much pressure of public opinion, so he dare not do so, also dare not feed you, you know, the warriors are the people who contact Durant recently, they are the most clear about Durant’s injury. They have an absolutely clear understanding of whether such a serious injured athlete can return to the peak state, whether he can reach 78%. Many fans only consider from the perspective of fans and no longer from the perspective of team interests. If Durant can’t come back, he can’t play.

It’s not good. Four of the next five years’ contracts are 33 years’ contracts or even four years’ contracts. The loss of the team’s interests will be great if we lose them. Many fans think that Durant should stay with the warriors. It’s wishful thinking, because Durant’s loss is not.

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It may not be as good as the six trophies of the gang leader

Including the players, the players of these teams who need to be in the finals need to be in the bubble, isolated for nearly 90 days. The fourth trophy of James is also very difficult, or it may be the most difficult and the most difficult for him to get. From this point of view, he won the four championship trophies.

Maybe it can’t compare with the six trophies of six wins and zero losses of the guild leader, but its weight and degree of difficulty may not be countless attention. I know that if at this time, who is the first person in the history of NBA among us, I think maybe you and I will still choose Jordan, who is the first person in history, but I think.

If you have to ask me this question now, I may still say it’s the help. But, no, I think I’m thinking about it. In fact, if you ask me now, I really don’t think we can answer it. I think it’s really very serious. It’s very close to me now.

But if you ask me this topic two years later and three years later, I think I will tell you the answer very clearly. Are you suggesting that James will read another champion in the next two or three years?

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What do you think is the goal of this young Bulls team next season?

What do you think is the goal of this young Bulls team next season? I think there is no doubt that it is to enter the playoffs. And I think this is the main reason why the Bulls Signed for the Winter Olympics. In fact, he saw that this team has the potential and talent to compete for the Eastern playoffs and even the Eastern Conference.

This is a better level of ranking. Just now, you have shown his cards. He said that he played a plus. Then I actually played a plus. Are you optimistic about a Na, ah Mo? I played a contract. Everyone who has so much leisure is very optimistic about this contract. So let’s talk about the advantages first, and you can start your performance.

It’s true that Donovan is my favorite coach in the league. In my impression, a good coach is to cultivate young people, stimulate their maximum potential, and create the most suitable system for them.

All the five critical seasons have entered the playoffs, including last season’s less than 1% chance to lead the team into the playoffs. It can be said that Donovan is one of the best. Then I think it is the best choice for all the reconstruction teams in the league, and actually I think it is.

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I think their training attitude is a very good advantage

Best, coach, and he led the Bulls to the best result in the playoffs since Jordan. After that, he came to the Timberwolves. Although I think the record is not good, at least he led the team after 2004. Ah, after more than ten years, I finally scored another correction.

To some extent, this team has also completed a certain goal of returning to the playoffs, and it has been over coached for almost ten years now. His total record is 352 wins and 246. So from this On the resume, he is also a coach who is at least a winning coach and he is actually very important.

This is also what I wrote here. A very big position is that it is a coach of a defensive team. So for this young Knicks, last year’s regular season last year, the defensive league was the last one, and seventh is still very big. With such a room for improvement, Thibodeau’s arrival has taught them how to defend this young team.

Yes, including their training attitude. I think it is a very good advantage. Although I am not optimistic about this contract, I am still willing to help you add. Indeed, defense is very important and thinness is really synonymous with this defensive coach. Ah, don’t forget that he was in the Celtics Big Three.

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It feels like this team has come to a time when it has to be rebuilt

The discordant comments and the news all came out, and it really felt that the team had come to a time when it had to be rebuilt. What’s more, we did a crazy Guess show before the start of last season. Do you remember that.

At that time, each of us raised two very crazy conjectures. In fact, you now have a lot of conjectures. If you go back to listen to this, although it’s crazy, it’s unreasonable, but some guesses are really a bit right. For example, although the transaction of brother wolfberry didn’t return to the place where the dream began, it was really after our program came out.

He was quickly traded. At that time, we predicted that Lin Shu and Hao would return to the NBA. Now it seems that although Lin Shu and Hao did not return to the NBA last season, and this failure may be the cause of the epidemic situation, ah, blocked him, but now, flexibility is crazy preparation in the off-season.

Crazy practice, three point girl, it is said that many teams have expressed their sincerity to him. It is very likely that the retail sales will return to next season and return to the NBA arena. That prediction is basically possible to be fulfilled. But at that time, the most crazy and controversial program was, it seems, also, the least likely that amu had been spoken by me.

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Happy for a while, their original golden boy is back

Happy later, their original golden boy came back. For the team, what is Rubio’s position in the team? Russell must be the main point guard of iron. Does Rubio waste Rubio’s ability to play as a substitute? If Rubio plays in the starting line, Lhasa is playing a shooting guard.

Choose Edwards, let him play the substitute, that’s not very consistent with one. The growth process of the champion is right, and he also feels a little bit worse when he plays the No. 3 position. That transaction also makes the American media on the draft convention night very incomprehensible. The only possibility is that thunder is in this deal.

There were two other draft shows on the night of 25th and 28th. Quan may, according to the Timberwolves, is a relatively young team. He thought that I had eaten the big Rubio event, but I still had two lottery tickets to scratch, which may be worthy of mentioning. In short, this transaction is really a mystery.

My feeling is that if, no, wolf, there is something wrong with the library, then maybe they will have a deal in the future. Otherwise, it is very difficult for three people to arrange. That is to say, from the sun’s trade, Rubio was sold after two days of thunder, and then three years later.

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James is actually the first person in the league

As for James, James here responded to Rodman’s criticism on them on twitter. Rodman said that James’s movement was very poor, and then it’s very easy for him to ask for the housing permit. So, I think this, er, it was at that time.

The role of James is relatively large, because in fact, the first person in the League was called by him, but mobile. In addition, it’s easy to swipe the card, which is James’s double compensation to explain. However, is this a joke about this road? In addition, this Hadden also sent a classmate to say that the Rockets have a way to deal with interdisciplinary.

Through this European process, we can shoot the software and then solve their offensive problems. This is the first two videos. Ha. After that, I think there is something about the warriors. It is said that the league has submitted such a plan, which is to use the closing price of the warriors in 2020 plus the volume of 20222, because it can’t.

No, it can’t be held for two consecutive years. It can only be changed every other year, because it can’t be continued. According to the regulations of the Japan Union, the level circle in 2021 is from the bridegroom, and then the heart is from the trader king, and then the handkerchief is the first three to be protected, that is, if the heart passes the lottery next year.

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Experience habits great LeBron James

This issue is about the greatness of James, the experience of the great LeBron James, LeBron James in this year’s playoffs.

Going on to basketball, the president takes a higher position to publish that he has surpassed Jabbar in the total playoff scores. He has been minus 20 consecutive series in the East. We are witnessing a great player and a great era, and we are used to it.

James’s super performance James is heading for the first time in league history. The 32 year old has shown amazing performance in the playoffs. The 32 year old, LeBron, James didn’t get cold. It got better. In the playoffs, he swept the dorandot Raptors 4-0 in a row.

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The funniest man, the devil knight, Damian Lillard

One of the funniest people, Damian Lillard, is incarnated in Sri city as an evil knight with fire all over his body. He has enough in him to bring Portland out of pain.

And the positive energy of curse. For this reason, he has to put the devil’s coat, ride on the ghost face Harley, and shuttle through the night. Between the local area and the city, in the roar of the motor, he sends out a furious laugh, leaving a line of light.

In the dark, the fire line awakens the city’s yearning and memory for glory. Chapter 1 example power moves to Auckland, which is known as the cradle of high-quality control guards.

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The first round of the playoffs between the Spurs and the Grizzlies in 2016-17

Today, let’s review the first round of the playoffs between the Spurs and the Grizzlies in the 2016-17 season. The Spurs once again met the Grizzlies. In fact, except for the Mafia, all of them were.

The Spurs laugh to the end, and then tough style and similar, style that this round of series, from the beginning is destined to be a close fight, a pair of legs step quickly, force, sudden attack move, the Spurs, and grizzly bear series of the first two stops distance.

It is a university high school two games, coincidentally, by a sudden attack wave to end the game, of which the second game, grizzlies, in the 22-9 management opening, is still a disastrous reversal, is unable to resist the Spurs, both fast attack. In these two games, Aldrich and Leonard.

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