Clippers vs. Nuggets

Hello, welcome to my article. Today, I’d like to talk to you about the match between the clippers and the Nuggets. Liang Nader played a positive finger behind the Clippers. How terrible the defense was. Today, we were shocked by the wolf’s discount Yi Yang finger.

In fact, one Yang finger only reflects two major individual defense skills. However, he still only covers the back of Murray’s layup, and the Clippers’ excellent team defense participated in the score. In the crisscross competition, the score was opened in the last five minutes of the fourth quarter to turn the total score into 2-1 and one Yang finger magic skill.

It shows that in the fourth quarter, in the last 1:46 seconds, the clippers were only 109-103 ahead of the Nuggets, but the game was far from final. It was an excellent team defense of the Clippers that forced Murray to only influence Leonard to break through and attempt to solve the problem with dunk.

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The quality of interior defense decreased obviously

Hello, welcome to my article. Today, I’d like to talk to you about the Lakers and the Rockets. They’ve played their fourth game. Now the Lakers are 3-1 ahead. The Rockets are in danger.

When the final entered the fourth game, their small ball had lost its magic power. After the second half of the third stop, the Lakers further established their strategy of playing against the Rockets. The fourth stop was simple and direct. In the first half, Bai Xiaoxiao immediately established an obvious advantage. In the third quarter, the biggest lead reached 23 points while the third.

Look at the time when little house broke the epidemic prevention regulations before, it was not just an off-site episode. His shortcomings further reduced the rotation lineup of the Rockets, and the original poor rebounds became worse. The internal defense quality of these two games decreased significantly. In conclusion, Hu Renmin won the fourth game and started directly in the next 4.1.

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These are mainly people in their 30s

Hello, welcome to my article. Today, I’d like to tell you the details. In the first game, the Lakers beat the Nuggets. Now, the details of the Nuggets are finished. Before they start, they are over. If the fate of the first game of these details has always been so big.

This will also be the fate of blood sucking. The difference between the Nuggets and the Lakers is just experience. I remember that in the details of the gun battle, I wrote in this article that the key to the nuggets of the Lakers is thick eyebrows. The old players of the Lakers, James, Denny, green desert, are all in their 30s.

I’ve experienced big scenes. Yes, I’m used to it. We nuggets can’t compare. This gap is most obvious in the first game. The average age of the Lakers is 30:6, and the average age of menopause rotation is 26.9. Howard is 35 and menstrual period is 25.

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If there was no such outstanding contribution from Tess

Hello, welcome to see my article. Today, I still want to tell you about the playoffs. I led the army to kill a Cheng Yaojin. If you don’t play seven games, you can’t enjoy the eastern finals. Ah, it didn’t end so soon, because the Celtics didn’t want to be able to play in both places.

Between Bozhong, the big score of 3-1 can not reflect the strength of the comparison, in the face of elimination of the fifth World War green army, Cheng Yaojin center, Tess was very excited in the second half, just like Howard in the fourth game of the western finals yesterday, the latter two quarters scored 11 points and 10, and the basketball and cricket were beautiful twice.

If, no, Tess was so outstanding and contributed, the green army could not catch up with the climax of 20-3 in the third quarter to reverse the decline. They were 12 points behind at most in the first half to the fourth quarter. On the contrary, they took the lead by 19 points in the second half and scored 70 points in two quarters in the second half. The attack was so fierce that it was a little infuriating.

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Zhan Mei breaks through joint defense

Hello, welcome to listen to me. Today, let’s continue to talk about the finals. How long can the heat meet such praise? Haslem’s eyes widened. The heat finally scored 39 points in the third quarter.

Take a look at the score, ah, the Lakers are not slow, the leader is about 10 points, the second half score difference, at least there are nine points, this is the basic state of World War II in the finals, the Lakers are like using a blunt knife to cut meat, although ultimately still can not play, but each knife has brought great pain, rather than die to give a happy.

For example, in the first game, the gap between the heat’s lineup and its strength is that the basic injuries are even worse. However, in the first game, it is also a very important reason that the heat did not even win Xianji by shooting a small town Rong. Adebayor and, after Dragic’s injury, coach spo finally got the big man on the No. 5 position.

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