Mighty warriors!

But we need to emphasize the warrior.

It can play any tactics with you, can play any mode with you, right? If you want to play, you should play first. OK, you should hit his team, right? He has both stars and singles, and he also plays in the team. You can’t play with her. Ah, you can’t beat her. It’s hard, it’s hard, it’s hard to endure, it’s really hard. There are still one or two news stories today. Let’s share them with you. One news story is that today’s front page is occupied. Ah, the front page headlines of curry and brother curry, we can call brother curry. OK, Curie and brother curry. The front page headlines of sponsorship are all about these two players, especially. Yes, brother Curie, right? Now, ah, borrow brother’s, storm, smooth, set off his own shining, right, very good, very good. Then some netizens asked, it’s Kuri’s brother ha, so what kind of play can Kuri be? That’s my personal knowledge. In this way, in the next year or two, if you can play a start or play a starting position in a strong team, I think it has been a success in life. Well, how to turn this article over? Now you can see how many warriors are.


Strong, no Durant can win the cup as well as play the finals, ah, the value of Brandt is slowly shrinking, ah, Durant fans are a little nervous, is not now do not know which side the team is standing on, is the real warrior side or stand at the beginning of this side, OK, dilemma ah, turn over, let’s talk about it. According to the report, ah, it’s about cook. I almost thought that Curie was crazy, right? Finally, we were wrong about the title. The customer said that he was looking forward to Durant’s return

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Van fritt!

For a strong player, his shortcomings are also obvious. The attack is very unstable, isn’t it? The projection ability is open to discussion. The choice is also very brainless. Ah, the organization ability is not good. Ah, anyway, there are many disadvantages, but the advantages are obvious, and the body is strong, right? Such a player can only be used as an engineer, the engineer above position 1. Engineers, think about it, there are a few of them, ah, they are so used, there are not many successful examples, ah, but you can only do so now, right? On Lori, it is simply not right, taste, not ability, poor, but Lori is not a player who eats his set.


Bradsox, this strong player, has the advantage of defending. When working, its advantage lies in its first step of close defense, which can hinder your attack speed. Your breakthrough speed, your first step will be relieved by his body. When you break through, his body will go up, right? Use the meat shield to block the speed of your first step and block your first step Starting, speed, this is an advantage, but Lulu is not such a player, Lori is also a strong body, it is not good at explosive force, it is to pick and roll, strong, er smart, this player is very smart, flexible movement, pick and roll. The use of the pick and roll application is very solid, and he completely uses all of them. The more football is like this, he has no explosive force, passers-by has no explosive force, and the speed of action is not absolutely fast. Therefore, bradeso has no advantage over Lori, and cowardice is not a breakthrough.

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Or bucks to escape!

We, not to mention the level, have a clear understanding of the bottom series of the bucks and the Raptors. If the Raptors are 4-2 and the Raptors are promoted tomorrow, there will be only one expert who can see the strength of the Raptors and see the strength of the Raptors.


Well, let’s talk about it briefly, ah, er, how to say before, ah, everything is going to win. I think I can only rely on a bit of luck. Then there is another kind of casual dress, that is, George Hill as the starting line, and press Bradshaw down. I think it’s OK. But I think, ah, when you score this kind of score, the spectators see clearly. I think that if you don’t respect people, it should be about the probability. It’s impossible to identify. I always think it’s your bad luck. If you’re lucky, you can play 3-2. My strategy and tactics are good, right. But, from the perspective of spectators, I think, I personally think there is no hope. Ah, if you don’t take George Hill, it depends on luck. Really, you can practice shooting by luck. You can bet on the percentage of hits, bet on the opponent and say hello. I remember, oh, I once saw a movie, and now I’ve forgotten that it’s also a movie starring Chow Xingchi or Chow Yun fat. That is to say, how do you win money in front of an opponent who is extremely skilled in gambling, right? The only way is to gamble on luck.

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Compared with the total loss of the last game

Weishao played a good game today. Compared with the total loss of the last game, he hit 31 + 6 + 8 with nearly 50% of the shooting rate. Harden was troubled by fouls and felt bad. He shouldered the right of the ball in the transition section. Facing the letter defense and deliberately putting him in two steps, weishao succeeded in succession at 45 degrees on the left side. In the fourth quarter, he scored 11 points and killed the game with a layup and key 4 penalties.

I don’t want to go to GIF today, because the content of the competition will be remembered by all of you. This game may be the most significant game for the Rockets in the rematch – after today, the only team they will play is the Lakers. The bucks are not the full force lineup, but for the Rockets, they proved to everyone at one time that “if you just want to beat me with rebounds and inside advantage, it’s impossible.”.


2.7 thick eyebrow 67% hit rate slashed 32 + 13, Rockets win;

8.1 platinum 50% hit rate slashed 39 + 16, Rockets win;

8.3 letters & Daluo high efficiency chop 59 + 30, Rockets win;

8.7 heavy eyebrow XX hit rate slash XX + XX, Rockets win?

We’ll see.

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A terrible victory!

The third consecutive crown won, ah, Durant got it, forest, MVP is not sure whether it is OK, now the first two games have not come out, under the circumstances, feeling, to curry’s feelings, how much ah, buckle you as long as you play normally, get this year’s MVP should not be too big a problem. It must be when the warriors can win the game, but we have to say that the price the warriors paid for winning this game is too high, ah, the price paid is too big. If Thompson is injured, the next game three and the fourth game can’t play, it is still very bad. This game should be inclined to the Raptors’ side, although the Raptors are now.


After crying for a match, the match was one-to-one, but the situation was still not fundamentally reversed. The form was still biased towards, hazy, on this side, so wait for Durant’s third game. It can be smooth and resurrected. Now it seems that it is not urgent to make a 1-1 play. In the first picture, there is still time for one more ball, which can be dragged twice more. In the case of Durant, he didn’t eat and kill him. I don’t think it’s too big a problem. There are many stars in the family. Now it shows the advantages.

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Curry’s projection ability

Who is your boss on the court? Is it all in the hands of the referee? Yes, in the case of scoring isolation and export right, ah, green is not too old to attack, right? He has the ability to attack. As long as today’s three points are accurate, it is normal to get more than ten points. Ten points plus ten, rebounds and assists are very important. His assists are all three-point shots assigned to outside players, so the ability of isolation will also be, Green’s data, ah Green’s, ah simple scoring easy scoring help teammates get simple points, the ability to score easily will decline.


Do you think that the problem to be discussed now is that you think that curry’s overall contribution value, plus Green’s part of the contribution value, will it be able to drizzle Durant’s contribution value, will you make such a mathematical problem, a mathematical problem, a mathematical problem, and you will do such an excellent job. I believe a lot of Curie fans don’t admit that, right? Curry’s projection ability and scoring ability are almost the same as Durant’s, all of which are of historical level. Let’s say that all of them add up, ah, three points, two points and one point. All of them are of historical level. There is no doubt about this. Scoring, ability, we don’t talk about integration. What we just talk about is that scoring ability is just worth scoring, right? There are other abilities, comprehensive ability, defensive ability, anti pressure ability at critical moment, right? Distribution ability, right? Too much, ah, not much. It can be said that it’s just the ability to score. I’m sure that curry fans will not admit it. Second, we have finished the first point. We will talk about the second question. The second question is also very important. The warriors, a team that plays running, can pass these balls in and score easily.

On the move

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Durant and the warriors

Today, there are a lot of reports to verify our statement. Ah, it’s OK to miss the best release time. It doesn’t matter. Because, er, there are a lot of things that we can verify later, right. The ability to predict is obvious to all. Ah, ah, after the fight, we said, ah, look at clay, Thomson’s injury. After an hour of fighting, we will announce it. After an hour’s fighting, we will announce the cross, right. Deslie, right? The MRI will be finished. If you say it’s fast or not, it’s definitely fast enough, so the examination of the injury is very fast. Compared with Durant, the injury has not been released 48 hours and 24 hours, so it is worth discussing and doubting. What is the time and finally, just like what we expected, it was the rupture of Achilles tendon. What was beyond our expectation was Durant and the warriors. I didn’t expect to announce this boldly. I really underestimated the warriors. Of course, we don’t know what else is involved.


The secondary ligament tear has been announced so far. The news is that the cruciate ligament has been torn. Well, actually, we said that this thing should be discussed separately. Ah, it is a very complicated stage. Er, it involves the issue of contract, the issue of injury and the issue of contract is very complex, very complex, but everybody. Yes, a clear mind. Ah, let’s get out of this context. If we talk about it according to the context, we will find it very simple to discuss it according to the correct and clear context. This matter is also a comparison with Durant’s Achilles tendon rupture and cruciate ligament tear. Trouble, of course

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