Several key three points to select the best sixth person this year

Er, I have the impression that this guy has already scored several key three points to select the best sixth person this year. Well, there is a little chance. However, as for the overall quality of the region, it is very difficult for the piston five tigers to follow the example of the piston five tigers.

This, five people are not covered, these five people are with OK combination against GDP, in that era of the Lakers and the Spurs, this abnormal era can win a championship, but also with the Spurs, the Lakers against the world has a small advantage. Five people, er, had a very high evaluation at that time, even now it’s the same, that is, how do you prove your greatness, ah, how do you want to be envious and defeat your great opponent, so I remember forgetting these five in 0506 and 607.

At the same time, ah, in the same year’s selection, ah, All-Star lineup, Hamilton, or prince didn’t go because of injury, but Wuhu City was all selected. I remember the right words and the wrong places. Please correct me. Let’s take a look at Celtic’s interest in her.

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Super fun may be the biggest surprise in history

So my personal prediction is that Durant will definitely win the championship this summer. Well, as soon as he gets the s MVP, he will reach an agreement with the warriors. Super fun may be the biggest surprise in history, ah. So far, ah, so far, so far, we don’t say that, well, maybe 10 years later, there will be another 50, 000 yuan in 20 years, right?

In this case, the warriors will break up next year, give up Thomson and exchange for some vested interests. Then renew the contract ahead of time. Ah, green, coolie Durant green, the troika will be signed. Ah, it will guarantee that there will be a long competition in the next three to five years.

Ah, this is very important. This is also for the warriors. Next, this kind of competition, we can, um, watch it slowly and experience our attitude towards green and Thomson

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This year’s three-point shooting percentage has not been improved


This season, it’s not very ideal, because we say that Paul George has been training hard since he was injured. He has broken through every three-point and three-point shooting every year, and he has made many and accurate shots. However, this year’s three-point shooting percentage has not been improved, whether it is the shooting percentage or the number of hits.

It’s a little bit unclear, but in terms of shooting percentage, when I just read the previous games, it was only about 36%. Ha, compared with his 38% 39, his three-point shooting percentage of more than 40% is that the first is a lot, the first is a lot, so I hope Paul George.

I’ll play again tomorrow. Ah, it’s almost finished. It’s so fast. OK, let’s talk about the second game and the third game of yesterday’s more wonderful ball, that is, er, our thunder team is playing against the nets. In the end, it’s basically the same for this team.

This year’s lousy team, ah, is not very competitive, but it’s really yesterday. Er, the thunder team taught us a lesson. In the first three quarters, they played very well. Ah, in the fourth quarter, they were beaten 39-19 by the thunder team and Paul George, and scored 20 spiritually.

nothing. The main thing is to see, er, what the price is given by the other party. So, you are very sensitive to me.

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It’s a good thing to talk about the second point

On the contrary, it’s a good thing to talk about the second point. Ha, this netizen said that James’s strength has been covered up or surpassed Michael Jordan. I personally hold this view. This skeptical attitude, ah, why? It’s actually very simple. Michael Jordan, ah, how many years is 9798 away from us now?

It’s 20 years. Unless you are 60 now, then you were 40 20 years ago or you are 50 now. You were 30 20 years ago, right. Well, I think maybe, personal identification, ah, is quite correct. If you were a teenager 20 years ago, this high school student, junior high school student or even college student, you may not have a very clear understanding of this basketball.

The following is not to say how big the gap between the two players is. It’s just that personal cognition is not mature enough or there is some deviation in personal cognition. For example, you watch some cartoons now, right? You don’t think it’s as good-looking as we used to be when we were children. It’s half a day every day.