Durant and the warriors

Today, there are a lot of reports to verify our statement. Ah, it’s OK to miss the best release time. It doesn’t matter. Because, er, there are a lot of things that we can verify later, right. The ability to predict is obvious to all. Ah, ah, after the fight, we said, ah, look at clay, Thomson’s injury. After an hour of fighting, we will announce it. After an hour’s fighting, we will announce the cross, right. Deslie, right? The MRI will be finished. If you say it’s fast or not, it’s definitely fast enough, so the examination of the injury is very fast. Compared with Durant, the injury has not been released 48 hours and 24 hours, so it is worth discussing and doubting. What is the time and finally, just like what we expected, it was the rupture of Achilles tendon. What was beyond our expectation was Durant and the warriors. I didn’t expect to announce this boldly. I really underestimated the warriors. Of course, we don’t know what else is involved.


The secondary ligament tear has been announced so far. The news is that the cruciate ligament has been torn. Well, actually, we said that this thing should be discussed separately. Ah, it is a very complicated stage. Er, it involves the issue of contract, the issue of injury and the issue of contract is very complex, very complex, but everybody. Yes, a clear mind. Ah, let’s get out of this context. If we talk about it according to the context, we will find it very simple to discuss it according to the correct and clear context. This matter is also a comparison with Durant’s Achilles tendon rupture and cruciate ligament tear. Trouble, of course

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