here are countless flowers and applause


Can you reach this level? Ah, analogy: how many degrees does Durant have? How much is the squash? Black? Can you reach this level? How many other Hami? How much ha ha ha can you reach this state? Kobe Bryant on the day. Oh, yeah, it’s also known by Koch. About six billion American names.

There are 61 ha global and 6 billion. Well, you see, he reached the last period of his career. Once he announced his retirement, the whole United States was the whole. Basketball is like a tour. There are countless flowers and applause. As Wade has been, where are those black? KOH is dead.

Ah, James is also a professional. How long can you play? Three years, four years or five years. In a flash, James’ career has passed 20 years. You should know that he is a really good basketball player when he retired.

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