If the Spurs meet the warriors

The last game is, er, if the Spurs challenge the Nuggets in front of the Nuggets, we won’t have much nonsense. We will decide how to deal with it. Ah, from last year’s record to this year’s record, and so on, there is no need to chase her. Let’s cut into the theme directly. Don’t waste time. The Nuggets are young. It’s amazing how much gold the team has in the end. I don’t know a lot of people. At least half of them don’t have half of them. One fourth of them, one-quarter of them, two fifths of them think that the Spurs can be hacked out.


You want to ask me my opinion? I don’t want to be beaten in the face, so I dare not say that, because the Spurs are really very difficult to judge him. It’s too experienced. If the Spurs meet the warriors, I feel dizzy and uncomfortable, right? But now the Spurs are playing. The army, the advantages of both sides, the advantages of both sides, there are no disadvantages on both sides, and there is no record. It’s useless. Because the Nuggets don’t rely on this record, they don’t rely on their strength. You should remember the strength of the Spurs. It’s not in the seventh and eighth position. You have to make sure the strength of the Spurs. It’s OK to be fourth and fifth in the top four in the West

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