If this team doesn’t have a smile

Garnett played as a small forward when he was in the woods and wolves. In 2001-02, he won the MVP in 2004. In 2001-02, ah, what’s the data? 20 plus 10 rebounds and 67 assists. Ah, you don’t need to score. You need more assists and rebounds. Almost all of them control the whole team.

In our own hands, we don’t believe it. I doubt Paul George’s ability to lead the team. If this team doesn’t have a smile, how far can Paul George lead the thunder team? In fact, we expect Paul George to take the thunder team to a new height. If not, with the help of wechat. Do you think the thunder team has a future? Thunder, the core of the team is Wei.

But there are Paul George and Paul George, but almost the same team went to Hong Kong last season. It has been proved that Westbrook brought his own team to the MVP. Scoring, Wang, three doubles per game, three doubles. It’s amazing that the thunder team has been brought to the sixth position in the western region. Paul George, without Victoria, can you bring the thunder to the playoffs? I want to ask Paul George, fans, do you have this confidence and determination.

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