It’s a bit like the staffing structure of traditional basketball

It’s valuable. It’s not because it’s expensive without it. It’s because it’s valuable. It’s not only because it’s valuable, but also because it’s valuable. It’s valuable because it’s rare. Mido, a region, a siacamu, um, these players are all appreciated by us. Er, this year we played the first team, ha played the first team, um, he played this team. Er, how to say, er, Brogden, go down, right?

Middleton arrived, the guard, the letter brother guard, the double guard, the ER, Mirotic played the forward, the ER played the No. 4 position, the Lopez played the No. 5 position, this set of lineup, I feel it. Ah, the height is terrible, the height is terrible, it’s a bit like the staffing structure of traditional basketball. Ah, this kind of personality doesn’t count. I feel it’s configured like this. Well, I personally think this may be the transitional stage. Ah, do you really want to play like this? If this lineup is very strong, if this lineup is replaced by career.

Success, yes, under the circumstances, ah, well, I can say that I can actually challenge the whole league. If this lineup, I personally think Mirotic is still playing as a substitute. Well, it’s almost like playing as a substitute for Lopez, because Lopez is now shooting three points and is also a distant pitcher in biro.

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