Kobe has a lot of shots.

Therefore, the team and the star’s high score is not in exchange for the star’s number of shots, but because of the high hit rate. In other words, the 60 plus player’s hit rate is certain.


It’s very high. It’s higher than five times five times five. Ah, I’m sorry to answer the phone. There are a lot of calls. So some netizens asked why curry and Durant are now 31 years old, 88 years old and 31 years old, but they haven’t added 60. The score is very anxious ah, then the shooting rate is high enough, and the ability of three points is strong enough. Why can’t we reach it? Then this involves the second problem. The second problem is the problem of physical fitness. The player who scores 60 points has a lot of shots. Ah, more than 30 times, even 35 times, 40 times and so on. A lot of shots. Kobe has a lot of shots. So we said before, ah, well, after you get 40 points, you even get them. After 50 points, ah, it will cause great damage to the opponent. The opponent will deliberately carry out strict defense against you. Who wants to become history dominated by history? No, so at this time, it will definitely suffer more preferential treatment.

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