KULI has become a third of history

There are still two days to go. It is planned that all the teams will come out on the 11th. On the 10th and 11th, some teams still have back-to-back situations. Ah, which team is mentioned? I believe everyone has already known and cared about it. Two days ago, I still saw news on the Internet. Er, this media, um, praised Wei Shao’s program. We’ve all said before, why do we always walk before the observation of these media? Why. Because of our high level, you know? Because of our high level, we said before, ah, Wei Shao’s three double kings have locked in the triple doubles of this season three games ahead of schedule, that is to say, there are 30 more rebounds in the back, so we should say 30 rebounds.


Assists, three games ahead of time, three seasons in a row, triple doubles for three consecutive seasons. This is rare. There is no such thing as the ancient times. The mineral has not said in the future. Why should he become the three double king in history? KULI has become a third of history. Three point shooters, for example, none of them have one, right? Well, we are discussing whether there is one of them. Ah, Wei Shao? I believe it is. If we can win more than 191, 181191 seems to have forgotten 181 and 181. Three doubles. Now we get 135135. So even if 191 is tired, it’s 60. It’s too simple for weishao. It’s too easy to finish two seasons. So the concerns are almost the same.

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