Mighty warriors!

But we need to emphasize the warrior.

It can play any tactics with you, can play any mode with you, right? If you want to play, you should play first. OK, you should hit his team, right? He has both stars and singles, and he also plays in the team. You can’t play with her. Ah, you can’t beat her. It’s hard, it’s hard, it’s hard to endure, it’s really hard. There are still one or two news stories today. Let’s share them with you. One news story is that today’s front page is occupied. Ah, the front page headlines of curry and brother curry, we can call brother curry. OK, Curie and brother curry. The front page headlines of sponsorship are all about these two players, especially. Yes, brother Curie, right? Now, ah, borrow brother’s, storm, smooth, set off his own shining, right, very good, very good. Then some netizens asked, it’s Kuri’s brother ha, so what kind of play can Kuri be? That’s my personal knowledge. In this way, in the next year or two, if you can play a start or play a starting position in a strong team, I think it has been a success in life. Well, how to turn this article over? Now you can see how many warriors are.


Strong, no Durant can win the cup as well as play the finals, ah, the value of Brandt is slowly shrinking, ah, Durant fans are a little nervous, is not now do not know which side the team is standing on, is the real warrior side or stand at the beginning of this side, OK, dilemma ah, turn over, let’s talk about it. According to the report, ah, it’s about cook. I almost thought that Curie was crazy, right? Finally, we were wrong about the title. The customer said that he was looking forward to Durant’s return

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