NBA’s broadcasting

Lewis, these three people are the world boxing, the three heavyweight flags and three benchmarking, and they crossed each other back and forth, played a lot of games, and they were very, very wonderful. In those days, as long as you were, sports fans didn’t watch them. I don’t think so.


Look, if you go and ask if you don’t see it, the big and small love songs that come back later are no longer live. At that time, you would push back the CCTV’s ratings and the broadcasting rights. Are they all a problem? This broadcasting right is very expensive. If you are a journalist, you can ask. Ask, ah, these in this circle, ah, these television media do media ah, you have CCTV cable, ask how expensive a world boxing championship broadcast money, you will know, ah, why not broadcast ah, because it is very expensive, other reasons we. So, ah, but it’s really very, very expensive. How much is the NBA’s broadcasting rights sold in China? How much do you sell in CCTV? You can also ask.

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