No champion team will want this kind of contract 10 million

What kind of lineup does the Lakers want? Three, 30 million plus a pile. This veteran’s basic salary plus two middle-class families, fresh walnuts, that’s it. This is the lineup of the Lakers.

Structure, heart, formula. You can see what Jabari Parker is doing, 20 million dollars. 20 million dollars. First of all, your team can’t satisfy you. With Jabari Park, you can’t bring in the third 30 million players. Then he can’t play at the level of 30 million players. What are you going to do?

I’ll tell you the 20 million contract is now. No team is stuck in the throat of the contract, no champion team will want this kind of contract 10 million, 140 million, 15 million reluctantly accept, 20 million contract improper choke throat, very, very uncomfortable, so we have to press this year’s rockets if.

But when Gordon renews his contract, it’s very important how to give him a contract of 20 million yuan according t, because kabela’s contract is not 30 million yuan, so he gives harden a contract of 40 million , 350038 million yuan and Paul a contract of 40 million .

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