Or bucks to escape!

We, not to mention the level, have a clear understanding of the bottom series of the bucks and the Raptors. If the Raptors are 4-2 and the Raptors are promoted tomorrow, there will be only one expert who can see the strength of the Raptors and see the strength of the Raptors.


Well, let’s talk about it briefly, ah, er, how to say before, ah, everything is going to win. I think I can only rely on a bit of luck. Then there is another kind of casual dress, that is, George Hill as the starting line, and press Bradshaw down. I think it’s OK. But I think, ah, when you score this kind of score, the spectators see clearly. I think that if you don’t respect people, it should be about the probability. It’s impossible to identify. I always think it’s your bad luck. If you’re lucky, you can play 3-2. My strategy and tactics are good, right. But, from the perspective of spectators, I think, I personally think there is no hope. Ah, if you don’t take George Hill, it depends on luck. Really, you can practice shooting by luck. You can bet on the percentage of hits, bet on the opponent and say hello. I remember, oh, I once saw a movie, and now I’ve forgotten that it’s also a movie starring Chow Xingchi or Chow Yun fat. That is to say, how do you win money in front of an opponent who is extremely skilled in gambling, right? The only way is to gamble on luck.

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