Spurs hit the Western Conference finals!

You have to play the routine with the Spurs, but we all said in the previous programs. Yesterday, the program said that it was decided that a regular team also plays routines. So it is very difficult to have an advantage when you meet the originator of the Spurs. The next game is very, very important, that is, Bai said, really, when Bai said that he was 0-2 behind, the awakening could basically declare the end of the season. Ah, this season is going to be black seven. Why do you say that? We don’t talk about other teams or other players, and other coaches don’t talk about Popovich.


It won’t give you a chance. When you get to the Spurs’ home court, you have to play to the Spurs’ home court. The Spurs are very clear about what they should do. If you take a ball for two games, you can’t be traditional. The Spurs won’t give you a 3-1 situation. Well, in my personal impression. It seems that the Spurs have not lost the ball when they are 3-1 ahead. In history, the probability of 3-1 leading three goals is relatively small. Maybe it is only 20% more than 20%. If you meet the Spurs, the probability should be even smaller. I don’t think there is any in my memory. In this case, the fans are welcome to correct me. It’s true that the game has been watched for too many years and a lot of things have been forgotten. I’m so hungry. When it comes to the Nuggets and the Spurs, it must be the next game. We should be very, very attentive, very concerned. When the Spurs return to the home court, they won’t give the Nuggets. With the opportunity of 0-2 down, the season of the verdict was terminated ahead of time. In the case of 0-2, I even believe that the Spurs’ team can sweep 4-0 and decide not to leave a chance. Er, the first game is very important. Ah, the Nuggets lost too much

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