Van fritt!

For a strong player, his shortcomings are also obvious. The attack is very unstable, isn’t it? The projection ability is open to discussion. The choice is also very brainless. Ah, the organization ability is not good. Ah, anyway, there are many disadvantages, but the advantages are obvious, and the body is strong, right? Such a player can only be used as an engineer, the engineer above position 1. Engineers, think about it, there are a few of them, ah, they are so used, there are not many successful examples, ah, but you can only do so now, right? On Lori, it is simply not right, taste, not ability, poor, but Lori is not a player who eats his set.


Bradsox, this strong player, has the advantage of defending. When working, its advantage lies in its first step of close defense, which can hinder your attack speed. Your breakthrough speed, your first step will be relieved by his body. When you break through, his body will go up, right? Use the meat shield to block the speed of your first step and block your first step Starting, speed, this is an advantage, but Lulu is not such a player, Lori is also a strong body, it is not good at explosive force, it is to pick and roll, strong, er smart, this player is very smart, flexible movement, pick and roll. The use of the pick and roll application is very solid, and he completely uses all of them. The more football is like this, he has no explosive force, passers-by has no explosive force, and the speed of action is not absolutely fast. Therefore, bradeso has no advantage over Lori, and cowardice is not a breakthrough.

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