Durant’s kindness and justice!

As for an interview recently received by Durant, ah, the content of the interview mainly includes two important contents, with only two key points. Let’s discuss this program and talk about Durant Owen. Dutch princess, why should I be positive? Let me talk about it for a moment. Then, in billiards, my personal opinion also answers some netizens’ questions. Will Durant play next season, right or wrong? Will he appear? I personally think the minimum probability is very, very, very small. There were so many excellent athletes before, 200 days of recovery, more than 200 days, right, less than 365 days, right? Well, in other words, Durant may be able to come back in the next season, according to the time given in medicine.


Yes, but I think, ah, why do you say that with a small probability? Also, when Durant recovers from such injuries, even when she is younger, when she is better, when her physical fitness is better, her injury has less impact on the products Durant. No, eager to come back, and he didn’t recover very fast. Ah, so I think it can be judged from two aspects: first, Durant’s recovery will not exceed the level. Ah, second, Durant is not necessary, nor is it for the basketball and nets team. Don’t be in a hurry to come back. Ah, er, because the net team’s performance in the next season, ah, or homestead, my goal for next season, or the goal of introducing Durant and Owen is not to compete for the championship, but to make money. I believe you can see that the final goal is to pay. It’s for the sake of, maybe the last three games and five games is also for the needs of the market, not for the team’s performance and the need to win the championship, so we should understand ah, so this question is very clear, ah, Durant will come back in advance next season, because according to our understanding, Durant will be reimbursed next season.

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