76 fast!

Go back to the visiting team and go to the net. The third game of the visiting team starts to play. Every series will start to play today’s three games. Let’s say the first game is over. The first game is over. The 76ers are against the magic. There is nothing to see in this game. That is to say, the strength of the 76ers team has been basically established, and we have no chance to play. But we said that this round of series is the first round of 76 players. We said that we would train before, right? In fact, it is not strong suppression. There’s no room for bargaining. The NBA has made us like this. You can see the difference in strength. It’s like the following. Those who support magic need to do 76 people. Well, I don’t know where you are confident. So you look good at this driver.


So now this level of attack firepower is super strong, if he takes out all this, er, this bottleneck to attack the opponent, the average field is more than 123120 points, it is easy. In the case that Nb should not be on, we have to say that Simmons’s way of playing is the right way to attack under the basket. opponent

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