Anthony Davis at the end

Of course, you can’t take all of them. Ah, it’s not good for the Lakers to take Thomson Gregory directly. It’s not good for you to take Thomson in isolation. Ah, it doesn’t mean that it must be much higher than the following two disabilities. The second level is Leonard and Jimmy Butler. Of course, Jimmy Butler can’t ask for 200 million annual salary. In 21 years, Jimi Butler is going to lose money. Come home soon. The third level is Anthony Davis. With Owen’s combination, this is the third level of the third episode. But based on the above, the two transactions are rated one or two. Whether they can succeed or not is one thing. For now, it’s still very good to get Anthony Davis at the end. Oh, I personally think these players, if they can, will be the only ones who can help James to help the Lakers against the warriors. The other players are not enough. They are not enough. Ah, what are you trading for? Walker, Bill wall and so on. Lillard, you put, he brought Lillard all over. It’s useless for the Lakers. Now Paul George has signed a long-term contract with the thunder team, so it’s basically impossible for the next three years.


It’s impossible to join hands with these players, so there are only a few players that can be selected for the Lakers. Now, we should settle this matter earlier to avoid long night dreams.

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