Best team history

Let’s focus on the thunder team, because now everyone has high expectations for the thunder team, and the record is very good. So in recent ten games, we have achieved. The winning rate of the above is very high, ranking gradually, and the whole body is almost ranked sixth in the western region. Then some netizens said that we are open-minded, talking about the thunder team and the preliminary program of the thunder team against him. These programs also talk about the future of the thunder team. So, yesterday’s competition pressure was so great that I got a high score of 20 plus 20 plus 10. This, the data is also quite terrible. The key is that the player is young.


Thunder, the team, ah, this team has never been short of excellent players. Ah, you can always see that the culture of his team is really too strong. Every player who can play here is with a kind of, but, thoughtful, yingzi, but if you leave, you don’t know how to go. Left, ah, except thunder four less three less Other players left, I feel like this, but playing in the thunder team is so good that people pay attention to it. If we do something about him today, thunder will not stray from the topic. Er, as I said before, the thunder team played so well today is the existence of Paul, and the young player of pressure Yamada, er, we have always said to you, one excellent point guard, one excellent No.1 position. It can be changed. A team, the thunder team, is almost like this. Now it can still play the sixth position in the western region. In the first two years, there were three giants, Paul George, who couldn’t watch the episode. I couldn’t amuse you.

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