Guo’an teaching competition: Prince mingtou mallet breaks the door, Zhang Yuning wins Guoan 2-0 wins Renhe

On May 16, New York Zhonghe Guoan held a teaching match with the New Yorkers and the two teams in New York. As a result, New York Zhonghe Guoan defeated the New Yorkers and Guoan to score a goal against Wang Ziming and Zhang Yuning respectively, which was the first time that Guoan carried out since the Asian Champions League.

Since the resumption of training, the Guoan team has been training in the people and the base, so the two teams once again, the engagement is very convenient. In this game, the two teams played with the all China squad because of the absence of foreign aid. As six international players went to the national team for training, Guoan team was increased by several.

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In the second half, Zhang Yuning scored a goal to expand the advantage. At the end of the game, Yu Wenhe, a new internal aid of Renhe and the team, broke into the forbidden area and was knocked down by the referee. However, Wang Ziming scored a penalty kick in the corner kick.

After losing the penalty here, New York Guoan beat the opponent 2-0.

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