Celtic team is like this

Who is the third in the first warrior League and the second rocket League? Suzuki the third time? I remember that it was the Raptors who were killed by this knight again, right? Ah, the fourth one was who was the fourth one. I remember correctly, ah, the fifth is that the Cavaliers should be. Then they were supposed to dream this dream away. In fact, the Celtic team is to meet these teams, ah, are not offensive teams, rely on their own defense can kill the opponent, their attack ability is weak, and then meet the Celtic team, the defensive very tenacious fighting team, the team with strong willpower is easy to be killed by him, Celtic team is like this.


But now I find that the defense ability of these teams in the East is also generally enhanced. They can defend one by one. They all hold their tails and tie the fences tightly. This, er, we should do some construction. We should do construction. Therefore, these teams have improved their defense, including 123. Ah, now it’s a 1234 team. After the Bucks, the Raptors, the 76ers, the Pacers, ah, the defensive ability of this defensive player is very good, right? Plus, now the Bucks attack the firepower mecha, and the Raptors can attack and defend their humiliation. That’s right, it’s the five-star team, the 76ers team, the five-star six-star team, so the front 123 of these teams are all able to attack and defend, except for the unfortunate. But ah, if the Pacers really meet. Well, yes, Celtic team is also very hard to praise their shadow. Celtic and Pacers are all of this type of team. They are all winning or building the winning team on defense first. It’s really troublesome for these teams to fight their own shadow.

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