Celtics are drinking poison

Celtics can play in the playoffs, too. Look at his heart, he’s crazy? Take all the frameworks down and then Anthony Davis built all of them, right. Well, well, if that’s true, Celtics are drinking poison to quench their thirst, right? Of course, I personally think that’s not a good word to say. I always think that the general manager is such a thing.


That’s what we eat. Ah, how can Owen and Davis not be able to play together again, right? Do you think of a way? How can you think of such a simple thing? Is the wisdom of foreigners in foreign countries all very low? I can’t think of any way. I don’t know whether they are two players. I don’t understand the labor agreement. Ah, there are two kinds of materials. I’ll sign it after I don’t have the materials. We can agree on the contract. OK, OK. There is also a contract for the materials, right? Then you can find a way. Of course, this violates the regulations. We don’t know. I don’t have a manual, right? No. If I need a manual, I’m the general manager. Research, I study every day, which things can come, which things can go, which things are compliant and which things are not, right? In the alliance, there are so many organizations. I tell you, there are many, many, many, many, why this regulation is issued, and the regulations are lack of supplement. It is almost there. There is a special vacancy

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