Clippers vs. Nuggets

Hello, welcome to my article. Today, I’d like to talk to you about the match between the clippers and the Nuggets. Liang Nader played a positive finger behind the Clippers. How terrible the defense was. Today, we were shocked by the wolf’s discount Yi Yang finger.

In fact, one Yang finger only reflects two major individual defense skills. However, he still only covers the back of Murray’s layup, and the Clippers’ excellent team defense participated in the score. In the crisscross competition, the score was opened in the last five minutes of the fourth quarter to turn the total score into 2-1 and one Yang finger magic skill.

It shows that in the fourth quarter, in the last 1:46 seconds, the clippers were only 109-103 ahead of the Nuggets, but the game was far from final. It was an excellent team defense of the Clippers that forced Murray to only influence Leonard to break through and attempt to solve the problem with dunk.

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