Curry Durant coveted

Let’s say, the Blazers should have finished chasing the nets against the heat and the Lakers. I just watched it and still had no time to lead by more than ten points. Congratulations to the Lakers. We said in this program, the game between the nets and the Blazers itself is not of great significance, because two. The teams are not on the same level. The Blazers are going to play the finals in the west, ah, the playoffs in the West. Of course, the nets also have to play the playoffs. It’s OK for the nets to play in the playoffs if they work hard. However, there is a gap between the two teams in terms of strength. Although the beginning of the book, ah, a game doesn’t mean anything. The newspapers and magazines nearby scored 33 points, ah, opposite, Lillard, pop, 60 hit. Although the game was lost, ah, it didn’t mean much to ah, but it was still of great significance for individuals. In fact, we do this program mainly to say to curry and Durant to their fans.


I did a show last year, ah, the answer is the first player of this season, ah, cut to 60 players, whether there will be so much this season is a question, whether it is all a question, ah, well, the last game, Hadden newspaper 59 points Oh, I remember that if there is no mistake, it is still one point short. 60 points is still one ah, this, er, er, is a boundary. It can be said that it is a boundary. If you go up to 60 points, even playing cards 66, 11 and 62, it doesn’t matter. 60 points is a boundary. Ah, it is the boundary between ordinary scorers and super scorers.

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