New era, new deception!

I didn’t think about it. The plan for the future was a one-off deal. It offended everyone, right? When it was replaced, Garnett and pierce got a lot of benefits from the basketball and nets team, which contributed to the present double exploration flower, right? I sold long and much. All of them are merciless. They don’t even have a drop of tears. They say hello. They don’t say, right? Plus understanding. In fact, Kylie Owen joined the Celtic team. After arriving at the team, they don’t give the main core the privilege of absolute core. The status of the main core is right. Preparation, retest, Tatu, mu, and so on, as well as Hayward and hofford. So does hofford. Do you want to jump out of the contract like this? Ah, Celtics don’t give it. It seems that hofford means it. It’s more clear. Ah, it may mean Owen. Since he can’t sign it, I’ll jump out of the contract and give me a long contract. Right? I’ll reduce the value of this contract and sign it for four years. I still want to abandon it with the Celtic team before, right.


Otherwise, this kind of craving, right? 25 million won’t give or want to give. Say 60 million in four years. If you can fight, you can’t see you again. Ah, now we have to say that they are torn. Ah, one by two is this kind of heartless, cold-blooded, plus. Last year, February, including this year, June, ah, just a few days ago, the pelicans snapped Anthony Davis’ deal

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Owen have to go to New York Knicks or not

As you can see, he’s holding the top three and signing this can be one of the team’s future training and reconstruction plans. In other words, Durant and Owen have to go to New York Knicks or not. What can be discussed is that New York, now, only has a skeptical attitude. He doesn’t quite agree with him now, or he doubts that Durant can pay and how much he can achieve after giving. His state of mind is still 80% or 90%. New York, ah, the bet is very huge, if he wants to form, Owen Durant’s double play combination and some players or the main three, he must give up the third line, just as the Laker team abandoned the fourth. A concept, then, if there is no healthy Durant, if there is no healthy Durant, Owen joining the New York Knicks is also a relatively risky choice. For New York, it is a risky choice, not for Owen. Of course, there are also.


For New York, it’s an absolute, risky, choice. So New York is now a conservative attitude, skeptical about Durant’s recovery, and conservative about his team’s purchase. Take the third sign around the third sign. The team’s reconstruction, or re planning

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Heroes from all walks of life compete with each other!

In fact, I think, ah, it should be faster, including the New York Knicks nets versus the clippers and these teams all want to be quick bullies and giants. After signing, the dust settles down, so the Rockets are not very worried about the Lakers, because there are already. Well, the third sentence, ah, as long as the first one is OK, right, the other teams are building two or more super teams. These teams are already behind ah, they have lagged behind, of course, the rockets and the Lakers. It has been deployed for several years, right? It has been deployed since the first two years. This is different from the starting line of other teams, and we can’t be too demanding. Because of you, you can wear it fast, and the reaction speed to the clippers is also very fast. To be honest, it will be ready for this year. If Harris wants to cast accurately this year’s magnates, then he will not be able to accurately predict the champions. Otherwise, he and his fans will not be able to make accurate predictions.


It can be cured. Then the fans of every team hope to be able to take off the big cards and play good results, right? But there are only a few stars, er, good players. It depends on the lower level of this kind of competition. Who can lead the league

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Liang Na’s feelings are in his family

As clear as noonday as like as two peas as like as two peas, the three teams are judged by the current judgement. They can give the same things to the economic interests and the same value of interest. Finally, Leonard’s emotion is not the same. Don’t misread it. It’s not Leonard’s feelings with the Raptors. Leo, Nader and the Raptors have no feelings. They’re just employers and employees. Liang Na’s feelings are in his family. His family can talk about it now. Leonard is not up to him to decide. It’s up to his family to decide. It’s up to her life to decide. You should remember, ah, work is always for life service. When you make more money and have better economic income, it’s all for changing your life, your life and your family’s life. So ah, er. Let’s wait and see. Ah, I always think that I always insist on the Los Angeles twins, ahead of the Raptors. If I want to choose, I have to choose. If I am lovelorn, I want to choose Los Angeles. Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the only choice for clippers.



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Spurs like wolves!

When we talk about this Mazz, you can see that the staff structure of the Spurs is relatively complete, and he called back. The way the Rockets played last season, three small guards, in three, Fuxian to attack, three risks to defend in three small guards, oh, this is very powerful, I tell you this is the happy template of the rocket team, ah, the way the Rockets succeed, but the Rockets Hadden and Paul have stronger organizational ability, but it is. There are also those Erdrich, which must be more useful than Ka and PIRAs. Ah, there are also, singles, ability, ah, in addition to the projection ah, in addition to the long-distance projection, um, this is a little strange, er, this, other technologies are more comprehensive, ah, they are also hit.


Well, there’s a low back hit technique, and there’s also a mid shot technique. There’s also a killing effect on the video disc of the Sandplay technique. You can only rely on it. You don’t fear to whip twice, right? If you take two strokes, it will hit him. If he doesn’t smoke, he starts to roll over the jump shot and throw further and further. After the final shot reaches a certain distance, he starts to be a good blacksmith. The Spurs, ah, I feel ha, these two money are really, Good, good, good, good, very good. First of all, the Spurs’ defense has also been raised to a new level. Boris Carroll’s way of defense is obvious to all. Ah, it also withstands the test. Oh, the metal withstands James’s. Ha ha, it’s very good, especially Carroll. Carroll’s players, er, I think, are seriously underestimated. In this league, when they are not used well, they are like tramps, playing East and West. Yes, I think it’s a very good harbor for the ball to park and a haven for rest. Ah, I’m confident when I go to the Spurs. However, in go, I’ll give you a chance, and then I’ll enrich my confidence. Ah, Morris, don’t say much about it. This player is also comprehensive, defensive and good.

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Durant’s kindness and justice!

As for an interview recently received by Durant, ah, the content of the interview mainly includes two important contents, with only two key points. Let’s discuss this program and talk about Durant Owen. Dutch princess, why should I be positive? Let me talk about it for a moment. Then, in billiards, my personal opinion also answers some netizens’ questions. Will Durant play next season, right or wrong? Will he appear? I personally think the minimum probability is very, very, very small. There were so many excellent athletes before, 200 days of recovery, more than 200 days, right, less than 365 days, right? Well, in other words, Durant may be able to come back in the next season, according to the time given in medicine.


Yes, but I think, ah, why do you say that with a small probability? Also, when Durant recovers from such injuries, even when she is younger, when she is better, when her physical fitness is better, her injury has less impact on the products Durant. No, eager to come back, and he didn’t recover very fast. Ah, so I think it can be judged from two aspects: first, Durant’s recovery will not exceed the level. Ah, second, Durant is not necessary, nor is it for the basketball and nets team. Don’t be in a hurry to come back. Ah, er, because the net team’s performance in the next season, ah, or homestead, my goal for next season, or the goal of introducing Durant and Owen is not to compete for the championship, but to make money. I believe you can see that the final goal is to pay. It’s for the sake of, maybe the last three games and five games is also for the needs of the market, not for the team’s performance and the need to win the championship, so we should understand ah, so this question is very clear, ah, Durant will come back in advance next season, because according to our understanding, Durant will be reimbursed next season.

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James enjoys basketball

When it comes to the jazz and the Lakers and the comments made by Anthony Davis after the game, I personally support and agree with ER. Let’s not say that it’s the Laker fans. Of course, James fans should firmly believe that, um, predictable things, you need this, be sure, and firmly believe that, ah, those made by the Lakers are Champions League. Don’t doubt it. If it doesn’t work out, it will come true in the future. When we get to the playoffs, to the finals of the design competition, we will slowly look at it, verify us, and list the comparison statement is right. If you play in the playoffs or even in the finals, you must meet the 76ers. The NBA must be the league’s first center in the growing League. Those last year are indeed.


I didn’t play very well, but I also met a fellow countryman with extremely rich experience. I don’t know if you can eat the economic injection when you are sick, but you can be sure that such players are growing and improving. So if you don’t have the corresponding athletes at this level in the interior line position, you can be right. In the case of upper position, ah, it’s a waste of energy if you want to supplement it in other places

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Peter the great! fierce!

Ten o’clock in the morning, now the NBA game is in progress, some games are finished, some games are in progress, and some games will start soon. We are going to talk about the 76ers’ opponent the Bucks against the ball, um, because. Ah, there was no live broadcast, so we watched the text live broadcast. Well, after the replay in the fifth night, we discussed with you, commented on it, and talked about the ball in the video broadcast before. The 76ers didn’t see the preview last night, so we didn’t share it with you. This, wine can also go to see ah, ah, there is no technical content, the gap between the two teams is also obvious, 76 people, is the eastern champion forest, wolves, that is to play the playoffs, although now 3:0, is also taking advantage of the beginning of the season, so now double sent off everyone can go to have a look at Peter and Downes.


All of them were sent off. I estimated that they would face three or five games of the ball, suspension and a fine of $5000 to $10000. Ah, it’s almost like this. I don’t think it’s enough to explain the problem by raising one or two balls. It’s not enough to convince the public. Ah, it needs heavy punishment. Ha ha ha, three to five games is nothing for the team. One more game or less doesn’t affect the overall situation, right? For Tang poetry, for the Timberwolves, the attack is very important. If the penalty drinks three to five games, the team will face three consecutive losses, even five consecutive losses, three consecutive losses and four consecutive losses. Then the advantage established at the beginning of the season is 3:0 advantage, 3-win-0 advantage. Then change, very, disadvantage

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Halier and I even think that in the clippers

In fact, ha, Rael is now averaging 19.3 points in 28 minutes per game. You can imagine that he is playing better than the peak kabela’s data. I believe that, when Paul George and Leonard are both back in full swing, the Clippers are players who can only be defended, not restricted and not defensible. Superstars have such characteristics. Paul George is bigger than Leonard.

timg (28)

Third, under the premise that everyone has double cores, so Halier and I even think that in the clippers, the position, the core position is far greater than Lu. Williams certainly does not mean that I am not worthless. Ah, it still works. We should attach importance to our opponents in tactics and despise our opponents strategically. I think it’s like a wolf like tiger. I’m afraid of seeing harrier. In fact, Harry is not so terrible. You need to study him thoroughly, but it’s still very simple. You like kabela played very well in XX, the green set of regular season data. Don’t worry high, but once you arrive, the playoffs will be targeted by the opponents. After thorough research, the cards will be equivalent to saying that there is no such thing. In the end, it’s harden and Paul to solve the problem. Right now, it’s Hadden and weishao. In fact, the team’s core gun is still the most important, and the team’s main line-up is absolutely strong. Well, in the end, we will expect Paul George to come back soon. All the balls we see are meaningful. Ah, I hope Paul George, Liang and Nader can work together to build a complete and powerful clipper team. Ah, we will meet the Laker and XX in the playoffs, and so on.

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Curry Durant coveted

Let’s say, the Blazers should have finished chasing the nets against the heat and the Lakers. I just watched it and still had no time to lead by more than ten points. Congratulations to the Lakers. We said in this program, the game between the nets and the Blazers itself is not of great significance, because two. The teams are not on the same level. The Blazers are going to play the finals in the west, ah, the playoffs in the West. Of course, the nets also have to play the playoffs. It’s OK for the nets to play in the playoffs if they work hard. However, there is a gap between the two teams in terms of strength. Although the beginning of the book, ah, a game doesn’t mean anything. The newspapers and magazines nearby scored 33 points, ah, opposite, Lillard, pop, 60 hit. Although the game was lost, ah, it didn’t mean much to ah, but it was still of great significance for individuals. In fact, we do this program mainly to say to curry and Durant to their fans.


I did a show last year, ah, the answer is the first player of this season, ah, cut to 60 players, whether there will be so much this season is a question, whether it is all a question, ah, well, the last game, Hadden newspaper 59 points Oh, I remember that if there is no mistake, it is still one point short. 60 points is still one ah, this, er, er, is a boundary. It can be said that it is a boundary. If you go up to 60 points, even playing cards 66, 11 and 62, it doesn’t matter. 60 points is a boundary. Ah, it is the boundary between ordinary scorers and super scorers.

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