Clippers play new tricks

Let’s talk about the Clippers vs. the Hawks vs. the Clippers. We haven’t seen it. If we have time in the evening, let’s have a look. Then, today, Leonard and Beverly will continue to go to school and take turns off. Now, the Clippers are ahead of the eagles by a big score. Ah, basically, it has been done. There is no big problem with people. I believe that after the game, there will be netizens asking us. Ah, Beverly and Leonard are on sabbaticals. Why is this game so good? Why Paul George has always been so good? Why didn’t you predict that the eagles will turn over. Clippers, ah, let me discuss this problem. This problem is very profound. I think it’s a very profound problem. The previous programs mentioned some of them, but they didn’t start. Are we here? Let’s talk about it. Let’s simply say that I think so.

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Well, this summer, when we traded Paul George and Leonard to the clippers, we said that when we talked about the Leonard team, the leader of the team, and the position in the team, we told you in the group that I was very impressed, right? Because I have a good memory, that is to say, the Clippers team is now the boss and who does not know. Who can score more points, boss? I’ll tell you that Paul George’s scoring ability is no better than that of the clippers, Leonard. Ah, Paul George of the clippers can’t compare. The clippers have a large and poor quantity. The only reason is that they don’t ride. Because of the characteristics of these two balls, you can know. Paul George, now, although the players of these two teams are in balance of attack and defense.

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East strange rough road

There are no competitions today, only clippers and Mavericks. There are no other competitions. All competitions need rest. We can see the words in the morning, broadcast them live in the evening, and watch the vice disk again. Ah, let’s talk about personal feelings. Many netizens said, strong analysis, a wave, ah, thank you for your trust in us, er, this trust in us, ah, I’ll just say ha, I also saw a lot of reports after the game. Ah, from my personal understanding, this is a dialogue between the strong and the weak, and the Clippers are in the West. I don’t think it’s necessary to run the Lakers XX clippers. The other teams can’t compete with each other. First of all, to think of this point, winning this game doesn’t mean anything. The Mavericks’ goal this year is to play the playoffs. They led the team to play the playoffs. In the second year, they led the team into the playoffs successfully.

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In this game, say everything, hit rate first, or more or less score, low, ah, be realistic ah, from my personal feelings, I have seen a few balls, and also carefully analyzed them. I personally feel that there is nothing wrong with the three-point shooting. A little dad sent you 14 out of the game.

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Bucks vs clippers

Tomorrow is a game of the ball. Let’s share with you our personal views and predictions. It’s more important to predict. We can release our views. Next, we’ll have a game tomorrow against the bucks. In the end, I think, ah, the chest has a little advantage. Ah, when I say this, I feel that my heart sends out. Ha ha, because the Clippers are so powerful, they are really too powerful. We have told our friends that the Clippers are not talking about this front line.


The old man and Paul George, ah, let me first say that the risk is not invincible, not you. With these two players, it is invincible. It is not to say that if the front line is strong, it can be invincible to play in the finals and win the championship. But this risk led by Paul George, Harry and Beverly, we will talk about this. The risk of series connection, ah, there are a group of people waiting for several substitutes. Ah, this is very good. Oh, the defensive line is very good. We don’t talk about the attack, but we can talk about the defensive ability. Sometimes, Bao youyou has a friend who says that Beverly can be counted as well. It can be counted definitely. Beverly can be put into a multiple of three.

The advantage of this group is that it has a spirit of sacrifice. Some fans say that it is a mad dog defense. The words used in this defense and that defense are more radical. In fact, it is a kind of. There is a spirit of sacrifice, players can sacrifice themselves, ah, for the team to win, this is the spirit of commendable, now also, for a well deserved big contract, ah, from my personal point of view, such physical conditions such as the ability of the player ah, the most valuable seven or eight million.

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a big wave season of Grizzlies

As you can see, he will also have a record in the future. This is not to say that his strength is really not enough. Don’t want to play money 60, but try hard to play a playoff game. In this way, a thunder team can play, but he is not willing to play this team. Wait. After the window, you can go and have a look. They will quickly join the millions of teams. Ah, among these teams in the west, only the teapot team plays seriously, but the strength is really not enough. The other teams, as well as the warriors, are just as rotten as the worst in the League. That is to say, at the beginning of a big wave season of Grizzlies, they said that whether it is missiles or the Lakers or so on, they should hold a wait-and-see attitude towards igordala, even if you want to get one. After testing this contract, one of them, ah, an excellent athlete, must be patient enough. Now December is near the end of December, and there is no news to verify our point of view. I tell you, this contract is the final reading of the watch, that is, the last reading of the second. The Grizzlies want to get rid of it.


In fact, the direct reason why there is no team is that the salary of the champion team has been locked. The salary report has reached the sky. No player has no contract. The salary will eat up the 16 million contract. Ah, the 16 million regular season can’t play a few playoffs. It’s just a matter of fact. One, a series, can help the team

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Guo’an teaching competition: Prince mingtou mallet breaks the door, Zhang Yuning wins Guoan 2-0 wins Renhe

On May 16, New York Zhonghe Guoan held a teaching match with the New Yorkers and the two teams in New York. As a result, New York Zhonghe Guoan defeated the New Yorkers and Guoan to score a goal against Wang Ziming and Zhang Yuning respectively, which was the first time that Guoan carried out since the Asian Champions League.

Since the resumption of training, the Guoan team has been training in the people and the base, so the two teams once again, the engagement is very convenient. In this game, the two teams played with the all China squad because of the absence of foreign aid. As six international players went to the national team for training, Guoan team was increased by several.

nhl top playrer 12

In the second half, Zhang Yuning scored a goal to expand the advantage. At the end of the game, Yu Wenhe, a new internal aid of Renhe and the team, broke into the forbidden area and was knocked down by the referee. However, Wang Ziming scored a penalty kick in the corner kick.

After losing the penalty here, New York Guoan beat the opponent 2-0.

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official! Serie a restart on June 20 has been approved and may start a week earlier

New York time, on May 29th, Italian sports minister Sparda, BLA, said Italy’s Serie A restart on June 20 has been approved, and if the Italian Prime Minister intimidates approval, it is hoped that Spada will resume on June 13.

He said the Italian Football Association assured her that if necessary, Serie A might adopt plan B or plan C. in such a case, a family could recover from June 20, and if Conte could lift the ban on June 14, Serie A would still be able to play on June 13 if the match resumed on June 13.

nhl top playrer 01

The first four games, which may be the last 25 rounds, are Atalanta vs. sasolo, Inter Milan, Sampdoria, Torino, Parma and Verona vs. Cagliari. The schedule will be announced in the current serie a table on Friday, local time.

Both teams are nine points behind Juve with eight games to play third, while Sparta and Hula say he hopes the Coppa Italia can be completed between June 13 and 17. In the second leg of the semi-final, the defenders drew 1-1 with AC Milan and inter lost 0-1 to Napoli. Italian media pointed out that Serie A hopes to end on August 2, so it is possible that all teams in Serie A will face double matches for a week in a row.

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Best team history

Let’s focus on the thunder team, because now everyone has high expectations for the thunder team, and the record is very good. So in recent ten games, we have achieved. The winning rate of the above is very high, ranking gradually, and the whole body is almost ranked sixth in the western region. Then some netizens said that we are open-minded, talking about the thunder team and the preliminary program of the thunder team against him. These programs also talk about the future of the thunder team. So, yesterday’s competition pressure was so great that I got a high score of 20 plus 20 plus 10. This, the data is also quite terrible. The key is that the player is young.


Thunder, the team, ah, this team has never been short of excellent players. Ah, you can always see that the culture of his team is really too strong. Every player who can play here is with a kind of, but, thoughtful, yingzi, but if you leave, you don’t know how to go. Left, ah, except thunder four less three less Other players left, I feel like this, but playing in the thunder team is so good that people pay attention to it. If we do something about him today, thunder will not stray from the topic. Er, as I said before, the thunder team played so well today is the existence of Paul, and the young player of pressure Yamada, er, we have always said to you, one excellent point guard, one excellent No.1 position. It can be changed. A team, the thunder team, is almost like this. Now it can still play the sixth position in the western region. In the first two years, there were three giants, Paul George, who couldn’t watch the episode. I couldn’t amuse you.