Raptors slaughter magic!

The game is over, right? Let’s see if it’s right. The Raptors beat magic 111-82. It’s not that we’re bulls. It’s me. It’s me. It’s true that I’m really good. Yesterday’s program, we said, we should score 10 points. We should score more than 10 points, right? I said three points are too little to give 10 points. Wow, that’s 30 points. I said I’d like to keep up with the 76ers. The 76ers beat the Raptors in the net. What do you think? In the second round, why can we say that? Because in the second round, you’re going to have a direct conversation. Someone has already responded.


We have told you what kind of team we are. Will the Raptors, which we need to play in the finals, be weak? We have always said that the Raptors are a champion level defensive team. Today’s game has verified our statement, is it right to play magic or magic. It’s about 80 points and 90 points. When it’s down to 80 points, he’s not going to play the Pacers. The Celtics beat the Pacers to 74 points, right? 74 points. Because the Pacers are not scoring teams, they don’t have the ability to score, so it’s not surprising, but the magic team is not. It’s not a team that can’t score. Today’s strength of raptors is to play in the finals and bring out all the best things. This kind of defense level is the championship level, which is the level of the finals. We just. Defense level of course, the Raptors attack is also good, 111 reached 10010 points, ah, it’s just like this, the Raptors team is also more balanced, the attack firepower is enough, the defensive ability is also excellent, so I advise those, ah, those fake fans.

We have more than 20 years of experience. We don’t want to talk nonsense with you. If you want to make the following mistakes, you should have enough absolute strength, the right time, the right place, and a little bit of luck. Unless you are a team that is mutually complementary, half of them are playing half of each other’s luck. As long as you stand on your side, you can win, right? No. So many of the following offense ah, but usually we see the next spurs on the desperate.

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76 fast!

Go back to the visiting team and go to the net. The third game of the visiting team starts to play. Every series will start to play today’s three games. Let’s say the first game is over. The first game is over. The 76ers are against the magic. There is nothing to see in this game. That is to say, the strength of the 76ers team has been basically established, and we have no chance to play. But we said that this round of series is the first round of 76 players. We said that we would train before, right? In fact, it is not strong suppression. There’s no room for bargaining. The NBA has made us like this. You can see the difference in strength. It’s like the following. Those who support magic need to do 76 people. Well, I don’t know where you are confident. So you look good at this driver.


So now this level of attack firepower is super strong, if he takes out all this, er, this bottleneck to attack the opponent, the average field is more than 123120 points, it is easy. In the case that Nb should not be on, we have to say that Simmons’s way of playing is the right way to attack under the basket. opponent

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Weishao bombing the pioneers!

So many netizens said that Wei Shao was right in three pairs. Wei Shao couldn’t score 20 points. These are the fact that Paul and George burst into tears. Prove that I’m not right. Our prediction is accurate. You know, we don’t talk nonsense about these things. We have a long-term experience. You can’t buy it. You can watch the series match by game. Ah, this kind of experience came over, and I watched it for a few years. I think we talk about these things, and I have such a high hit rate. Do you have a god hit rate? Well, I won’t say much. What we’re talking about is that you can meet condition 1. You can meet condition A. you can get it.


If the result of B 1 satisfies the condition C, you can get the first result. We can’t tell you whether the result is lower or lower than B. we can only tell you whether the result satisfies A. you can get the result of B or low, right? So you have to watch our program and listen to our program. This is the same as well as the context. You can do this. Why do we talk about zero to two, the Blazers beat thunder and then say Wei Shao wants to score high to win the game, because you have to know that Wei Shao can’t win the game by playing three doubles. You can’t win the game by cutting three double. You should have taken five rebounds today, didn’t we. In 507, we said that it’s no use taking so many rebounds. Ah, it’s not your job. What kind of person are you smiling? What kind of player are you born? You’re what kind of player you are. You have to take scoring as your own responsibility. You have to rush to the basket. You have to be brave, right.

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the Raptors are fake strong teams

I’ll take a look at the four games today, Celtic Pacers, four advanced. Warriors three, one clipper, raptors three fans, magic Blazers three to one thunder, the other several requests have nothing to say, the walkers, Celtics, nothing to say, then the program said ah, um, Bucks reservation. Well, this is the second round of competition. The second round is the real competition. So the Raptors are right. The magic team is not good. We have said a stroke before. Some netizens think the Raptors are fake strong teams. I saw it before.

Oh, I didn’t do the program, right? It seems that many people think that 1f178a82b9014a90d65504b794270915b31bee2c. Are the Raptors so watery? Guangdong team has played so many times, played so well, and won the first place in the regular season, and won the ticket of the finals in the East. Against James, right? After several times of fighting, it was a fake strong team. Alas, I really can’t think of it. I was killed by James and became a strong team. Then, who should carry his back? You said that Owen killed him, ah, earlier. Take it out at Howard, right? So what’s the name of the team? Ah, by this, er, Bill wall, right? By the Celtics, right? Garnett Pierce, Ray Allen, ah, let’s kill you. What is this? What is it? Ah, I was taken out by hofford, by Millsap, by George Hill Carroll. Well, I was taken out by myself and killed by them

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Durant and Owen had to pack up

We can only say what may happen in the East, Celtic and Durant, or Owen and Durant. We think we have a very strong sense of this sixth sense.


In the end, I felt that Durant and Owen had to pack up, ah, have to pack. So, whether Celtic can beat or not, Xu Huang is very, very key to ah, this, can be called, champion, I say Durant will go to any one now. Teams are possible, any team is possible, because we lose, the premise is that the warriors get 30000 Durant, and 3DS BP has proved itself, no matter how this kind of proof is, no matter whether the proof has water or not, he has proved himself. At least, there are three champions, three MVP trophies. Is he right? No matter what the situation is, Durant still has the upper hand. Shaofeng that day is Durant. He must hold three champions and three fnpp. The reason is, ah, he has an idea. I personally think that although his practice is open to discussion, it is the most beneficial for him. Ah, human beings are animals who always seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. Don’t think Durant is a fool. He is not stupid. You are in Durant’s position.

You do the same, I can be very responsible, I tell you I do the same

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Shoot me!

Let’s see if Durant and curry can float. Ah, if the game is to be played 3-2 and finally end with 4-2 or 4-3, no matter who wins or loses, the warriors have lost. This season is not a successful season. The Celtics have experienced this in 2008. In the first round, I played hawks, four rounds, pistons, or wizards. I forgot. Well, in 2008, it wasn’t a wizard. The wizard was jet type. Ah, it was the first round. The second round continued to grab seven. It was thrilling. All the home games were won and all the away games were lost, right. At this time, the Celtic team is not the champion team, and no one thinks that the Celtic team is bound to win the championship. But this warrior team is like this. Is Lin LANLIAN winning the championship for two years? There are two superstars in Durant Curie. Superstars are superstars. Oh, we didn’t say superstar. Durant is super. Super, hungry virgin is not yet there is no MVP to do, superstar, superstar, you take it, Sn MIP, superstar, superstar, there are kings and superstars on it, and there are emperor superstars on it, right.


Who is the emperor in t3b292df5e0fe99259466c0759c3973d88cb171c1he yellow sky? Who is the highest power in the Jade Emperor’s fairy tale? Is there anything higher than him? Well, no, it’s the emperor superstar. Well, it can be said that he is the God of basketball. Well, basically, that’s it. One is a fan. I am. Well, there’s no big worry. After all, warriors are better teams, right? So don’t underestimate the enemy. If you want to play three to three and grab seven, it’s hard to say that everything is possible.

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I tend to leave Harris to create a player

The 76ers, ah, this rough experience.

I often play it for a long time. It’s really too long. The potion class harvest, playing, how much charge can be charged in the playoffs, and what position can I rush to? Right? Then, including penis entering Butler and Harris, these are very good operations, all of which are very good. This reinforcement measure is right. Even if it is to stay next year, if it doesn’t come down, at most one will be left. Well, I tend to leave Harris to create a player named Jimi Butler. He doesn’t need to be controlled. There is a big hidden danger for the uncontrolled player to stay in the team. Only players like James, superstars and superstars can be suppressed, and other players can not accept it. Right? Well, Jimmy Butler will not buy it, including, um, if we stop two rounds this year, I think it’s right. If it’s not cold, you can be fired.


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pants can’t reach the Clippers’ game

What we’re talking about is actually the level of singles. Ah, it’s the level of singles. It doesn’t mean that curry’s ability is poor. A superstar and superstar player has the ability to play singles and is not subject to any environmental restrictions. As we said before, when he is wrapped up, he can only pass. There is no way to use his personal ability to play singles, but Durant James Leonard can be used as a long-range attack when he holds the ball. He can kill in singles. It can be in the same position, from position 1 to position 5, 12345. He has no restrictions on attacking outside the three-point line. However, now, curry can’t do it. Now, pants can’t reach the Clippers’ game, including last year or the whole year. Last year’s finals, curry was blocked by defense, but no one cares about Durant, right? Durant cut 35 points and averaged 35 points per game. That’s him. Do you think that when these coaches don’t want to live, Durant simply gives up because he is too tired. This is an idea of weiqi and a kind of strategy. Right? The defense of superstars, ah, the defense of superstars with extremely strong personal defense ability, then simply give up.


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the Bucks, relying on the overall

You see, the last game played a series and then hit the pistons. I have never seen many such balls before. You can’t see them. Ah, this is also the skill of the coach, and it is also the gorgeous turn and transformation of such a big player.


Such a big stride, but also to practice, Europe, step, then you, don’t think, block, ah, you in a good area of joint defense is useless, because a step across, Celtic team, last year, we have to say, another group of people like a confused, so high, breakthrough ability is so strong, right. Oh, it’s so hard. I hope we don’t get slapped in the face. Ah, hope, the Bucks, relying on the overall strength to beat the Celtics. Well, it’s the best team. Relying on the stars and individual ability, such a team is not as strong as the overall strength. Well, the Raptors are also strong in overall strength. You can compare it with a large amount of 45 points in today’s test. Everyone has a role, and everyone plays very well.

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we support the Nuggets

Fenbid’s performance is dwarfed. Ah, even if the 76ers win the Raptors series, ah, well, Peter is embarrassed even if he doesn’t have martial arts. Ah, what kind of future can he play? I don’t know how to rely on Jimmy Butler to save his life. You will have to prepare the contract of grain this summer and finish the competition. Coach Brown also praised Jimmy Butler for James Butler. Er, who is Jimmy Butler? I don’t appreciate it. Anyway, it’s also a kind of praise for this Butler. Ah, it may not be in a very good way, right? Then we need to emphasize a little bit about the organization.


These teams, so far, we support the Nuggets, not so far, we support the Nuggets, right? Well, we are very happy to win the Trail Blazers, but it doesn’t mean that we hate the Blazers and hate them. Dillard, the Blazers also have a lot of fans and society. Cheaters are cautious, because, ah, I think that if the Blazers get into the details, they will send their heads to the warriors or the rockets and nuggets to reach the western finals, which is barely enough to support. Ah, the fighting ability is a little stronger, and the game is all good. The fierce Dragon’s 76 people play one match, one pair, and develop towards the direction of six games, which is our prediction It’s what we expect, right? We also support the income. Now we’re behind first. Then the Nuggets play 1-0. We also support the Nuggets.

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