The warrior has the gate of life!

Let’s talk about today’s raptors and. Envious of the game, then why do some netizens call bullies, and some netizens don’t quite understand it. Some netizens know it and tell us, well, the content is not too much. Say ah, the pioneers, the Nuggets lose, and we are not interested in it. Well, there are no fans in these two teams. I feel that I have made it to the finals, or to say, I met with the right diet. Well, I have no resistance, and no fans. I really feel sorry. I feel sorry for our Chinese fans.


Most of them, um, still submit to the feet of such strong teams. Well, those like the warriors play well. Or the championship team attracts a large number of fans. That is to say, the victory is good, the justice is justice, and the power is the truth. Well, if you don’t have your own position, it’s not firm enough. No parent team, no home team Run with the stars, and you’ll get there wherever you go. Well, star chasing, but I can see clearly. Oh, most of them are star chasers, and they are not chasing stars just by watching basketball. Ah, so these teams are pitiful and pitiful. Ah, let’s just say that we don’t talk about today’s game. I’ll talk about it after I’ve finished. Well, I’ve been lifting the rockets and the warriors and Hadong’s eyes for several days. I’ve been carrying it every day. Oh, it’s not necessary. The strength is not good. Don’t look for him.

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Dripping water, grace and spring!

Laker coach. It’s written about director Zhu and so on. We can make sure that our prediction rate at that time was more than 50%. Ah, he finally wanted to be the head coach of the Laker team. This problem is actually very simple. It has been explained before. After that, the Laker team will be able to form three giants. There are netizens on it. This necklace, as you know, this decision, the level is not good, I want to tell you that the level is not OK, the Laker team, ah, as long as the group of three giants is OK, coach, the water is not level, high, not superb, all to this matter, ah, to the Laker team, ah, it doesn’t play a big role.


Absolute role, the big three is the key, ah, James, er, letter, um, farmer brother Anthony Davis, right, add Thomson, or there is no such or experience, have fun, right, the formation of the big three is finished, this matter is over, ah, these players have words. Ah, it’s James who brings his own system. You just need to match the coaches of these players off the field. It’s ok if you want a coach like Reeves. It doesn’t matter if there’s any tactics. Do you think the Cavaliers win the championship by the furnace? It’s too outdated and the tactics are exquisite. Instead of two pauses under Lu’s guidance, ah, there are two ways to employ teachers. One of them is that you can get along well with these stars as long as you are obedient. First, second, if you can bring more. Superstar

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Green has no answer!

The rockets and warriors game, we simply look at the value of my more intuitive feeling, ah, this is an atypical sense, victory, um, on the Rockets, all kinds of shows, this kind of three point shot show. Many of them are high, difficult and unexpected. Ah, we said yesterday in our program, including the previous programs, that green is the bridgehead of the warriors. This guy has to kill the Rockets to have hope. You’ve seen Green’s score of 19 points, 11 boards and 10 numbers. Triple double data, 20 plus 10 plus 10. You see, green played this kind of data, ah, the Rockets can win. Ah, this kind of game is not a normal game. We say that green is the core of the attack and defense of the warriors. Ah, there is a problem with wood. There is no problem. I also saw an article on tiger attack today.


Ah, there is this report, ah, praising green, ah, this ability, right? There is no need to talk about green is the core of the attack and defense of the warriors. As long as you know about the warriors, as long as you have, yes, fans, you will not be unaware of this. I believe Rocket fans should also know this matter. If you want to fight the warriors, you have to take the bridgehead now, green. Once you get down, no one can fill Green’s position. Of course, Durant has the ability, but it’s too wasteful to ask Durant to do these jobs

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If the Nuggets want to win

The competitiveness will obviously decline, and it will drop a lot. We have to know that the warriors, ah, except Durant, these other players, even if they are bound together again, even if they are bound together again.


The team, including other teams in the East, has no absolute chance of winning. Ah, maybe there will be disadvantages in some teams against each other. There will also be disadvantages. This preferential period, ah, has passed. With the age of curry, igordala and others will go to green. Nonsense, the last game was good, but on the whole, it still degenerated. No, this 1516 season, that isolation was so strong, that isolation was really strong, really strong, so its competitiveness, ah, is slowly and slowly declining, slowly and slowly, so we should seize this good opportunity. Like the Nuggets, the contract machines have already matured. Ah, it is a very good one that has already matured. Ah, the future technical school can be said to be a typical representative of the technical school center. It can be used for a long time, ah, for a long time, as long as it is not excessively consumed. Don’t spend too much to play the playoffs. It can be used for a long time. Ah, it can be used for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to quickly establish a championship team for him. If the Nuggets want to win the championship, the Nuggets team, we have to say, ah, ah, over the years, except for some, Anthony Billups, ah, that doesn’t count, Iverson that doesn’t count. No good players are selected from the high ranking draft, right? It’s not easy to pick out a Morey. Now he plays well. We need to seize this opportunity to trade Murray. Yes, you heard me right. Trade Murray for three All-Star real-time combat effectiveness. We’re doing two. We’re trading one. We’re buying one. We’re going to group three giants and yokic. This set of lineup, on the cattle, this set of lineup is powerful

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Raptors also have players

NBA has to suppress the inside line, now can’t play, Xiaojia this kind of game lost deserved ah, win, win and suppose to win, under the circumstances of, Peter ah, can’t cut 20 + 10, this kind of ugly game is meaningless and meaningless for NBA, we have said all these things. All the right eyes are right. Some friends say that the 76ers lost the last game because Harris hit the ball. In fact, this head is not heavy. So, the Raptors also have players with heavy heads. Are you expecting these players, role players, and these substitutes can make much contribution to the first team.


The core player is the absolute core. The absolute core is the head team’s core. The old big enbid is the boss, right? Jim Butler. Ah, it’s not two. It’s estimated whether it’s the second or the third or the fourth. I don’t know if you expect him to be a player like Jimmy Butler. You can get the game, but you can’t change the series. You have to make sure that the player’s characteristics are like this. Leonard, you only scored 13 points in the first half today, right? He didn’t get much. The whole match was reduced to 26 points. I said that as long as the ball is played, you have scored 27.8 points. You don’t want to limit him. Of course, if you play too much today. Found magic said, ah, the first half has cut 60 points, ah, the 76ers, it is too difficult, too difficult, after this game lost, ah, if you lose 3-2, some to get rid of the situation, this season is an extremely ugly game, this season is a very failed game.

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The rocket wants to be rekindled!

So the game between the rockets and the Warriors is going on fiercely. Now, 88-91, um, let’s talk about it. The victory or defeat is put aside first, because the game is not over, right? Durant is injured. Let’s talk about factoring. Ah, you can say in the group, ah, this ball, Durant’s injury. Once you find out your advantages, all the common sense of sports will know that you can’t come back this game. You can’t come back in the group. If you can’t come back, you can’t come back. His landing foot is not the center of gravity. His injured foot is not a landing foot. On the way back, I took a step back and looked back. Then I took the chicken feet, made a pain, limped off the court. This, the pencil box, this is very obvious. This is Durant. When he came back to the field, he felt the pain in his feet and looked back to see what was hitting him.


There is something. When he touched her, he felt pain. He looked back and saw that nothing was natural. He injured himself, stretched himself, torn his Achilles tendon. I don’t say the above. Ah, it said it was a strain. Finally, we were seeing a tear or a tear, right. Mr, we need to do B-scan, CT to do MRI. We’ll talk about it after the game

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You have to rely on Curry’s singles

It’s like a small hit, a big three-point is so accurate, so abnormal. So, ah, after Durant’s injury, the warriors lost one tactic, that is, singles. You have to rely on Curry’s singles. Under the circumstances, there are fewer people playing the ball, and the physical fitness is not enough, and each ball is consumed by the singles team’s library.


It’s just big, the consumption is too big, so when it comes to the third quarter, the second half and the fourth quarter, it’s very hard. Maybe Curry’s point is ah, without any physical guarantee, the life percentage will be very poor, sometimes it will play very passive. So, what does the Rockets need to do. We have said about the warriors. The core of their attack and defense is that if green knocks down the river, it is equivalent to knocking down half of the warriors. Ah, ah, he lost his right arm. Ah, so how to fight? We are now very good at Hadden and Gordon. Harden can only build foul ability in the whole league. Ah, the strongest one meets the best defensive player. It’s a white-edge fight. I tell you, don’t worry, referee, you just play like this. Every ball you play is so big. The referee’s ball doesn’t belong to the next ball. Your task is to make fouls and make more green’s fouls. The best, right? If you can’t make a move, it’s a mistake at most. The opponent catches and counterattacks. It’s not necessarily speculative. But green is hit by a foul. For example, you, use, hit four, right? Did you make two mistakes, but you also caused two fouls. After all, it’s green, or the girl who is even worse.

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The match at 3:30 is waking up now. It’s almost two minutes to start. The atmosphere is ahead of the Nuggets. Ah, we refuse Jinbei. We’re going to die and we’re going to be beaten by me. Oh, we’re detained and slapped in the face. Oh, er, seven minutes ahead of me. I feel like more than three minutes and two minutes. Oh, two minutes and two minutes. Oh, shit, the appointment machine can’t type back. Morey played a very bad game today. He saw that there were friends in the group. The game was a reversal. Ah, physically, it was still something. The three-level mobile phone and the Nuggets’ mobile phone were pretty good. They were more than ten points ahead. Um, they were more than a few points ahead.


The score should be about the same. The last three quarters were all killed. Well, there is no comment. It is even or the suburbs will be straight. But the whole second half is a mess. Look at the data. First of all. Well, we want to congratulate the Blazers, congratulations to Lillard, Michael MJ, the players are still easy to use, ah, we also tell you, Mike is diligent and hardworking and plays well, never, never, never compete with big brother, but I don’t know myself. It’s not a big problem to be the leader of the team. Find a third rate team, ah, er, be the boss to have fun, right? But Michael’s revenge for Lida has always been very low-key, and he has made a lot of money every year. There are tens of millions, two or three million US dollars, and we have a lot of experience


Pioneer is not I want to look down on you!

We talk about the trailblazers and warriors. Durant is injured now. Ah, 1234 can’t play one or two. It’s confirmed three times. That’s to be determined. So, the warriors, whether playing regular or small inside, suffer a lot, ah, who knows Durant. So I think the highlight of this series, or the first round, is to see whether the Blazers can make good use of Kanter and break through the opponents. It is estimated that it is very important to isolate this. We know Celtic team, we know Kantor. Sorry, Celtic team, we are going to cut down the player of Celtic team, ah, attack, strong defense and disease. If ah, it is Durant’s teammate, it is Durant’s former teammate to Durant.


They are right, ah, indignant, ah, this is also traded by the thunder team, so the market, ah, is an alliance, ah, emotion, I really think it is very weak, but any words can be infinitely enlarged. It’s sad to show off as a glorious story, so I’m not saying that Kate’s shirt is mainly about this type of attack. We mainly watch Kanter’s play in this series or the first game. We have to focus on this. The difference is whether the attack is strong and the defense is weak. Can we defeat Green’s defense and provide information on whether it will be shot by curry Thomson? Ah, the defense is very poor, and there is almost no such ability, right

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Mighty warriors!

But we need to emphasize the warrior.

It can play any tactics with you, can play any mode with you, right? If you want to play, you should play first. OK, you should hit his team, right? He has both stars and singles, and he also plays in the team. You can’t play with her. Ah, you can’t beat her. It’s hard, it’s hard, it’s hard to endure, it’s really hard. There are still one or two news stories today. Let’s share them with you. One news story is that today’s front page is occupied. Ah, the front page headlines of curry and brother curry, we can call brother curry. OK, Curie and brother curry. The front page headlines of sponsorship are all about these two players, especially. Yes, brother Curie, right? Now, ah, borrow brother’s, storm, smooth, set off his own shining, right, very good, very good. Then some netizens asked, it’s Kuri’s brother ha, so what kind of play can Kuri be? That’s my personal knowledge. In this way, in the next year or two, if you can play a start or play a starting position in a strong team, I think it has been a success in life. Well, how to turn this article over? Now you can see how many warriors are.


Strong, no Durant can win the cup as well as play the finals, ah, the value of Brandt is slowly shrinking, ah, Durant fans are a little nervous, is not now do not know which side the team is standing on, is the real warrior side or stand at the beginning of this side, OK, dilemma ah, turn over, let’s talk about it. According to the report, ah, it’s about cook. I almost thought that Curie was crazy, right? Finally, we were wrong about the title. The customer said that he was looking forward to Durant’s return

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