Celtics are drinking poison

Celtics can play in the playoffs, too. Look at his heart, he’s crazy? Take all the frameworks down and then Anthony Davis built all of them, right. Well, well, if that’s true, Celtics are drinking poison to quench their thirst, right? Of course, I personally think that’s not a good word to say. I always think that the general manager is such a thing.


That’s what we eat. Ah, how can Owen and Davis not be able to play together again, right? Do you think of a way? How can you think of such a simple thing? Is the wisdom of foreigners in foreign countries all very low? I can’t think of any way. I don’t know whether they are two players. I don’t understand the labor agreement. Ah, there are two kinds of materials. I’ll sign it after I don’t have the materials. We can agree on the contract. OK, OK. There is also a contract for the materials, right? Then you can find a way. Of course, this violates the regulations. We don’t know. I don’t have a manual, right? No. If I need a manual, I’m the general manager. Research, I study every day, which things can come, which things can go, which things are compliant and which things are not, right? In the alliance, there are so many organizations. I tell you, there are many, many, many, many, why this regulation is issued, and the regulations are lack of supplement. It is almost there. There is a special vacancy

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Anthony Davis at the end

Of course, you can’t take all of them. Ah, it’s not good for the Lakers to take Thomson Gregory directly. It’s not good for you to take Thomson in isolation. Ah, it doesn’t mean that it must be much higher than the following two disabilities. The second level is Leonard and Jimmy Butler. Of course, Jimmy Butler can’t ask for 200 million annual salary. In 21 years, Jimi Butler is going to lose money. Come home soon. The third level is Anthony Davis. With Owen’s combination, this is the third level of the third episode. But based on the above, the two transactions are rated one or two. Whether they can succeed or not is one thing. For now, it’s still very good to get Anthony Davis at the end. Oh, I personally think these players, if they can, will be the only ones who can help James to help the Lakers against the warriors. The other players are not enough. They are not enough. Ah, what are you trading for? Walker, Bill wall and so on. Lillard, you put, he brought Lillard all over. It’s useless for the Lakers. Now Paul George has signed a long-term contract with the thunder team, so it’s basically impossible for the next three years.


It’s impossible to join hands with these players, so there are only a few players that can be selected for the Lakers. Now, we should settle this matter earlier to avoid long night dreams.

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Pol plus and Eton

Sign on the 17th. Well, if you come here, I’ll treat you as the seventh day, right? I think it’s OK. Well, if there’s no case, maybe we’ll have to do another transaction. We’ll get another money from the third party, the fourth party and the middle reaches of the river. Almost, yes, well, so, this thing is basically like this, so it’s very complicated to operate, because there are too many things to ask for. You know, to get more, I think it is justifiable, because this kind of small ball club, which we have always said is skin, is really a disaster prone team. It’s very difficult to cultivate a Anthony Davis. I think it’s reasonable for him to take a little more or ask for more. Right, because I don’t know how long it will take to wait for him to lose this opportunity. I don’t know how many years it will take. So, let’s say to watch the change, ah, watch the change, lonzopole if. This suns team is also a good thing. It can help him to be puckered up. Of course, well, I may need more time in the future, maybe two or three years, right? After all, we have to wait for Eaton to grow up, and the customers have been trained, so we have to wait for them to get stuck. In addition, this, season, I have also reminded me of the contract.


Ah, it’s no big deal. It’s just a good addition. Pol plus and Eton, if they can be cultivated, will be a strong team in the West in the future. They can also play in the playoffs, and they can also make money for the fourth championship. That depends on the time, the place and the people. It’s not. It’s up to you

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the Spurs team

I remember, so Popovich, ah, it has been more than 20 years since he took over the Spurs. It’s more than 20 years. You can calculate how old you are. The sea has changed. We, anyway, watched Popovich play step by step. Ah, ah, this coach is quite amazing. And, Phil Jackson, at the same time, er, we can say that, er, we can still have a place under the shadow of Phil Jackson.


It’s amazing. This year, the Spurs’ lineup, the camp, I think that eating is the same as eating. There’s not much revolutionary change for the team. I also think that it’s impossible to have Popovich’s current contract, ah 0192, next year. If I remember correctly, the League will be expired. In other words, in the last half a year and a half, I will retire after finishing this contract. I don’t believe he will sign another three-year and five-year coach contract. I don’t believe that he will quit the management and do a simple and idle job. Well, get ready for retirement. Well, I think hunger is also a kind of respect for Popovich, the old coach. Now, the Spurs team, you can go and have a look at the ability of these people. That’s all. The talent is just like this. Gao really is, ah, searching for gold in the sand, picking up coke cans from the rags. Ah, the comments are basically such a lineup. It’s not sound and reasonable. But it can still beat the current record, which really reflects Popovich.

This, coaching ability also reflects these players, ah, can implement Popovich’s strategic and tactical arrangements, ah, carry out all the time

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Raptors and bucks

Now, Geely. The mouth also shows, ah, for the Raptors and bucks, the two strong teams, right? If he can beat these two strong teams, he is very confident that he doesn’t need to do this kind of silent operation, because the technical combat effectiveness is relatively good, and the team can cooperate with 76 people, but. It’s just a personal feeling. The 76ers are really worried about the Raptors and bucks. When they play in the playoffs, they are afraid that these young players will not be able to use last season. It is a kind of solid evidence that in addition to these veteran players, by, from the mainland and from time to time, Reddick is often able to play.

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By the mainland is still good one by one, right? When playing in the playoffs, ah, these Saric ah, Covington, ah, this kind of ilia sawa, are not enough, all of them can’t be used, it’s hard to have a good home, the performance can only rely on this kind of All-Star All-Star players. For players like Jimmy Butler and Harris, this person has a correct understanding of the situation in the East, and is in awe of the Raptors and bucks. They recognize their strength. Ah, so, er, now is a test for the 76ers. It’s huge. Ah, we also believe that many people in the East, ah, will, play this kind of performance that makes everyone satisfied and surprised.

Warriors also want the Rockets

Bislilan finished the contract today and won’t give it any more. It’s just to distribute it to others or to say it is. Give your own salary space, ah, match the contract. That’s almost what it means. His nose is trodden off smoothly. Why is it? It’s useless to step on it? At least it’s useless among other teams. If he can’t play in the Laker team, it’s useless to move back and waste money for so many years. There is not enough time for jinqiuyuan to leave the factory. Is it right? Every player needs to play, every player needs to hit the data, and the data will be processed in this summer. Right? You can give this precious time of three minutes and five minutes to your nose. You might as well give more pants to Mu Ying gran. Let’s play. Right? These young players need to be absolutely absolute.


How long? You said every game, give them 30 minutes, right? Well, you said that now you can’t give you five minutes. He’s playing all his life and death. Great. Which young player doesn’t want to play? Right? OK, so Beasley is not big enough and has no ability. Right? He can’t play in the Lakers. Young players, it’s a nursery rhyme. When they leave the factory, time proves themselves. They despise those who spend a big fork and are afraid of taking a taxi. Ma and Hughes are still OK. Ah, if they can be cut off, the Warriors also want the Rockets, right

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you don’t deserve to watch NBA.

Including the present, ah, East West, West, East and West Mitchell. Fawkes, including now hawk Collins, will be transferred to your alliance in five years. Ah, put your Durant Durant, Paul, Paul, George, all of them together. All of them will be hung up. Do you believe it or not? You must go now. No, James, to black James’ ability and so on. Why did you go there early? James, at the peak, you didn’t see you praise them. Ah, black is black for the sake of black. For basketball, this thing is pseudo fans. The standard pseudo fans are either going to watch the ball or chasing stars. Oh, it’s really fake fans, ah fake fans. It means that you don’t deserve to watch NBA. No matter who the fans are, we have to look with appreciation to this spectator NBA. These stars have brought us very, very hungry.


Wonderful games, ah, James Durant, kuriharden and so on, ah, those who want black James, black Durant and curry, and so on. In the future, Durant Curie has achieved very high achievements. For example, this year, Durant won three consecutive titles, and Durant won three consecutive titles. There will be many fans who will attack them. These people, sunspots are the most hateful, they are a group of black sheep.

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Look at the present!

Well, I can’t describe it with words. I heard it at that time. Some netizens from Mary Carey told us that Whitney Houston, like this CD1, didn’t come. I don’t remember coming, right? We just said that this is the top three in the office, Europe and the United States. Ah, soprano, ah, the three pop Queens can’t be counted, soprano, right, pop queen right? Er, this was a household name at that time. Now the little fans don’t know. Now they are 40 or 50 years old, or about 50 years old. Ah, they’re all gray and brown. Well, it’s all hung up. Ah, who’s from 400 stillia? It’s the Titanic’s my heart will go on. Ah, two days ago, this one was called youth day, right? My heart will go on. No, I really forgot that there are more songs about horse and Carey, hero and I still believe, right? There is also a famous song that I sang with Whitney Houston when you believe when you believe exist.


When you believe and, Hello, my heart will go on, it’s a household name. Oh, it’s a household name. Titanic, the Titanic, this movie is also a record box office record. I remember correctly, the word is, er, yes. Before the random answer, it was the number one box office in the world. Now it seems that Alfan, DA has any mistakes. Ah, this singing degree is very high, very high, and Whitney Houston has also hung up, so there is no way. Ah, you can go and listen to Maria. When you believe by Kerry

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MVP is there

Quinbo is going to take the MVP this year. Paul George, MVP is there. It’s impossible that there will be 99% points in his lifetime. They can’t reach MVP all their life, so some of Paul George’s fans don’t blow hard, don’t blow nonsense. You have to know clearly that we said that the data of all-round players with ball holding ability on the third position above the small forward position should be very luxurious.

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Garnett played as a small forward in the Timberwolves in 2001-02-04 mvp-0102. In our own hands, we don’t believe that I doubt the ability of Paul George to lead the team. If these teams don’t smile, how far can Paul George lead the thunder team? We have proved that we expect Paul George to take the thunder team to a new height without the help of smile. Do you think the thunder team has a future? The core of the thunder team is Wei Shao, Wei Shao and Wei Wei. They are completely two teams, but there are Paul George and Paul George of the United States, but a similar team has been on the bar. Last season, Westbrook left the team alone to get the MVP. It’s amazing that a bull has brought the thunder team to the sixth place in the West. Paul George didn’t smile. Can you bring this thunder into the playoffs? I want to ask Paul George fans, do you have this confidence and determination.

Celtic team is like this

Who is the third in the first warrior League and the second rocket League? Suzuki the third time? I remember that it was the Raptors who were killed by this knight again, right? Ah, the fourth one was who was the fourth one. I remember correctly, ah, the fifth is that the Cavaliers should be. Then they were supposed to dream this dream away. In fact, the Celtic team is to meet these teams, ah, are not offensive teams, rely on their own defense can kill the opponent, their attack ability is weak, and then meet the Celtic team, the defensive very tenacious fighting team, the team with strong willpower is easy to be killed by him, Celtic team is like this.


But now I find that the defense ability of these teams in the East is also generally enhanced. They can defend one by one. They all hold their tails and tie the fences tightly. This, er, we should do some construction. We should do construction. Therefore, these teams have improved their defense, including 123. Ah, now it’s a 1234 team. After the Bucks, the Raptors, the 76ers, the Pacers, ah, the defensive ability of this defensive player is very good, right? Plus, now the Bucks attack the firepower mecha, and the Raptors can attack and defend their humiliation. That’s right, it’s the five-star team, the 76ers team, the five-star six-star team, so the front 123 of these teams are all able to attack and defend, except for the unfortunate. But ah, if the Pacers really meet. Well, yes, Celtic team is also very hard to praise their shadow. Celtic and Pacers are all of this type of team. They are all winning or building the winning team on defense first. It’s really troublesome for these teams to fight their own shadow.

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