NBA’s broadcasting

Lewis, these three people are the world boxing, the three heavyweight flags and three benchmarking, and they crossed each other back and forth, played a lot of games, and they were very, very wonderful. In those days, as long as you were, sports fans didn’t watch them. I don’t think so.


Look, if you go and ask if you don’t see it, the big and small love songs that come back later are no longer live. At that time, you would push back the CCTV’s ratings and the broadcasting rights. Are they all a problem? This broadcasting right is very expensive. If you are a journalist, you can ask. Ask, ah, these in this circle, ah, these television media do media ah, you have CCTV cable, ask how expensive a world boxing championship broadcast money, you will know, ah, why not broadcast ah, because it is very expensive, other reasons we. So, ah, but it’s really very, very expensive. How much is the NBA’s broadcasting rights sold in China? How much do you sell in CCTV? You can also ask.

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Kobe has a lot of shots.

Therefore, the team and the star’s high score is not in exchange for the star’s number of shots, but because of the high hit rate. In other words, the 60 plus player’s hit rate is certain.


It’s very high. It’s higher than five times five times five. Ah, I’m sorry to answer the phone. There are a lot of calls. So some netizens asked why curry and Durant are now 31 years old, 88 years old and 31 years old, but they haven’t added 60. The score is very anxious ah, then the shooting rate is high enough, and the ability of three points is strong enough. Why can’t we reach it? Then this involves the second problem. The second problem is the problem of physical fitness. The player who scores 60 points has a lot of shots. Ah, more than 30 times, even 35 times, 40 times and so on. A lot of shots. Kobe has a lot of shots. So we said before, ah, well, after you get 40 points, you even get them. After 50 points, ah, it will cause great damage to the opponent. The opponent will deliberately carry out strict defense against you. Who wants to become history dominated by history? No, so at this time, it will definitely suffer more preferential treatment.

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KULI has become a third of history

There are still two days to go. It is planned that all the teams will come out on the 11th. On the 10th and 11th, some teams still have back-to-back situations. Ah, which team is mentioned? I believe everyone has already known and cared about it. Two days ago, I still saw news on the Internet. Er, this media, um, praised Wei Shao’s program. We’ve all said before, why do we always walk before the observation of these media? Why. Because of our high level, you know? Because of our high level, we said before, ah, Wei Shao’s three double kings have locked in the triple doubles of this season three games ahead of schedule, that is to say, there are 30 more rebounds in the back, so we should say 30 rebounds.


Assists, three games ahead of time, three seasons in a row, triple doubles for three consecutive seasons. This is rare. There is no such thing as the ancient times. The mineral has not said in the future. Why should he become the three double king in history? KULI has become a third of history. Three point shooters, for example, none of them have one, right? Well, we are discussing whether there is one of them. Ah, Wei Shao? I believe it is. If we can win more than 191, 181191 seems to have forgotten 181 and 181. Three doubles. Now we get 135135. So even if 191 is tired, it’s 60. It’s too simple for weishao. It’s too easy to finish two seasons. So the concerns are almost the same.

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If the Spurs meet the warriors

The last game is, er, if the Spurs challenge the Nuggets in front of the Nuggets, we won’t have much nonsense. We will decide how to deal with it. Ah, from last year’s record to this year’s record, and so on, there is no need to chase her. Let’s cut into the theme directly. Don’t waste time. The Nuggets are young. It’s amazing how much gold the team has in the end. I don’t know a lot of people. At least half of them don’t have half of them. One fourth of them, one-quarter of them, two fifths of them think that the Spurs can be hacked out.


You want to ask me my opinion? I don’t want to be beaten in the face, so I dare not say that, because the Spurs are really very difficult to judge him. It’s too experienced. If the Spurs meet the warriors, I feel dizzy and uncomfortable, right? But now the Spurs are playing. The army, the advantages of both sides, the advantages of both sides, there are no disadvantages on both sides, and there is no record. It’s useless. Because the Nuggets don’t rely on this record, they don’t rely on their strength. You should remember the strength of the Spurs. It’s not in the seventh and eighth position. You have to make sure the strength of the Spurs. It’s OK to be fourth and fifth in the top four in the West

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Spurs hit the Western Conference finals!

You have to play the routine with the Spurs, but we all said in the previous programs. Yesterday, the program said that it was decided that a regular team also plays routines. So it is very difficult to have an advantage when you meet the originator of the Spurs. The next game is very, very important, that is, Bai said, really, when Bai said that he was 0-2 behind, the awakening could basically declare the end of the season. Ah, this season is going to be black seven. Why do you say that? We don’t talk about other teams or other players, and other coaches don’t talk about Popovich.


It won’t give you a chance. When you get to the Spurs’ home court, you have to play to the Spurs’ home court. The Spurs are very clear about what they should do. If you take a ball for two games, you can’t be traditional. The Spurs won’t give you a 3-1 situation. Well, in my personal impression. It seems that the Spurs have not lost the ball when they are 3-1 ahead. In history, the probability of 3-1 leading three goals is relatively small. Maybe it is only 20% more than 20%. If you meet the Spurs, the probability should be even smaller. I don’t think there is any in my memory. In this case, the fans are welcome to correct me. It’s true that the game has been watched for too many years and a lot of things have been forgotten. I’m so hungry. When it comes to the Nuggets and the Spurs, it must be the next game. We should be very, very attentive, very concerned. When the Spurs return to the home court, they won’t give the Nuggets. With the opportunity of 0-2 down, the season of the verdict was terminated ahead of time. In the case of 0-2, I even believe that the Spurs’ team can sweep 4-0 and decide not to leave a chance. Er, the first game is very important. Ah, the Nuggets lost too much

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