James is going to hold a press conference and join the heat

Armes is a contemporary Jordan. Don’t you know, ah James, if you want to go black again, other stars, ah, are blacked to pieces by me behind my back. Yes, I don’t mention this.

Go round and round and come back. Finally, I tell you that you have to go back to Durant and curry to blackmail them. If you go, black, James, ah, back to the underworld, they don’t believe you. If you don’t believe it, listen to our program, you listen to it, and finally come back to them. These Durant curry fans also want to go to black James. OK, I’ll come. I’ll help you black James.

OK, listen to me how black, right? Higher level, just say some group, group champion and so on Well, you see how I’m going to hack James later. You know, James is going to hold a press conference and join the heat. It’s a kind of stupid. I want to join the heat. Well, I want to join the OK of the heat. The whole world thinks that James, you go to join the heat, right? But you don’t know. Celtic team Garnett also gets it through a deal.

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The construction of the team as a long-term plan

In addition, the combination of weishao, ah, can already be judged as an unsuccessful season, ah, can’t deter the big three, there is no competitiveness in the western region, ah, in the next few years, there may be no competitiveness, so whether the thunder team is willing to break the construction of the team as a long-term plan.

So how many years will Willis play in the draft? Right? Well, in order to let the thunder team rise again after Willis retires. Well, it’s also possible to sell Paul George. So, the thunder team plays the pioneers. Well, I believe it. There are a lot of pioneers on one side. There are also a lot of strengths of the two teams on the other side of the thunder team. Between Bo Zhongzhong and the pioneers, after the new xiaonuo machine, I feel that the arrogance is not as arrogant as before.

There were pioneers fans before. Ah, now, it can also be said that the team of pioneers has a complete framework, so they are playing better and better, more and more regular, and they are also a disciplined force. You can see that the annual results are really very stable. They are really very stable. When everyone is not optimistic, a can still play fourth and fifth.

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Even if you lead by one or two points

After all, achieving this kind of record also reflects the strength of the team. If you want to take the lead in a team like the Spurs, you can’t let the Spurs take the lead. If you want the Spurs to take the lead in a team like the Spurs, you can’t let them make mistakes.

Beat you, beat you to death, your normal state, you play your normal state, a Spurs, excellent, then you can score, once everything has a mistake, he just seize this opportunity, quickly, open you can’t catch up with him, he will play with you, will grind time with you, very experienced, he knows how to win, Popovich is too fierce. This coach is too good, including Darwinian warriors. You have to lead the warriors.

You have to lead the whole game, right? Even if you lead by one or two points, you have to lead by three, five and one. When you are the most backward, you have to chase the warriors. He is a little faster than you. Right? He doesn’t take the power to fight against the warriors because of his level. He’s ahead of you. If you catch up with him a little bit at the destination, you’ll get rid of your 6-point gap by two three points. Ah, plus the front, you’ll have no confidence beyond 10 points. If a warrior doesn’t have the confidence to play, you won’t have the confidence to play with the warrior. So these two teams are basically.

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The ability to predict is obvious to all

My personal expectation is that I’ll score 80 points. I think it’s almost enough. I’ll give me a full score of 99 points and 95 points. Thank you. Well, let’s mainly talk about 18193770. Now we’re going to start talking about 1920 season from this. Then we started to do this program of 1920 season. Now we mainly raised a few questions about clay and Thompson’s injuries. The second one is about the contracts of the two big stars of the warriors. In fact, we are.

In fact, in this wechat group, it’s all said, ah, Jingtian. There are many reports to verify our statement. Well, it doesn’t matter if we miss the best release time. Er, it doesn’t matter, because Er, there are a lot of things that we can verify later, right? Our speculation ability. The ability to predict is obvious to all. Ah, er, after the fight, we talked about it again. Look at the injury of clay Thompson, ah, it will be announced within an hour after the fight, and it will be announced within an hour after the fight, eh, yes. Ligament, tear, and MRI are finished. You say it’s fast, absolutely fast enough, so the examination of injury is very fast. Compared with Durant’s zombie, which is 48 hours and 24 hours away, it hasn’t been published, so it’s worth discussing and doubting. In the end, the fact is just like what we expected. It’s really Achilles tendon rupture. What’s more than what we expected is that Durant and the warriors can boldly announce this, which I didn’t expect. They really underestimated the warriors. Of course, we don’t know what else.


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This whole season more than 40 million contract is equivalent to playing the water drift

With Durant’s team of only 60 million, this whole season more than 40 million contract is equivalent to playing the water drift, the team, it is completely, not competitive ah, not competitive at all, if you want to be clear about it, for the warriors, he from the bottom of his heart.

Will sell off, lose Durant this contract, but it is because Durant’s warriors pay too much pressure of public opinion, so he dare not do so, also dare not feed you, you know, the warriors are the people who contact Durant recently, they are the most clear about Durant’s injury. They have an absolutely clear understanding of whether such a serious injured athlete can return to the peak state, whether he can reach 78%. Many fans only consider from the perspective of fans and no longer from the perspective of team interests. If Durant can’t come back, he can’t play.

It’s not good. Four of the next five years’ contracts are 33 years’ contracts or even four years’ contracts. The loss of the team’s interests will be great if we lose them. Many fans think that Durant should stay with the warriors. It’s wishful thinking, because Durant’s loss is not.

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