This is the greatest thing in the 20th century


It’s a phenomenon. I believe most fans have already felt the origin of this phenomenon. Well, you think curry plays so well, but the media attention is not on curry. It’s on James Durant. In Leonard, this is a strange phenomenon. Before we knew, there was another thing happened to curry. Curry had a suspicious attitude towards the human landing on the moon.

Let’s say the skeptical attitude first, not the negative attitude. It’s lower than what Owen said before. Let’s say, even if you are a primary school student, if you go to the primary school campus for a walk, at least 23% of 10 people know that it was an American who succeeded in landing on the moon, but Armstrong was the Apollo project.

You can say at least 12 things, but curry, as a public figure in the media, was right. This is the greatest thing in the 20th century. Science, or progress, or invention. Whatever you say, this is one of the two greatest things. The first thing is Einstein, who discovered the theory of relativity, or invented the theory of relativity.

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It must be against your ears to say good advice


No matter the team or the individual, they all gave a very high evaluation, very high evaluation. In the last game, sometimes Grizzlies played curry on Barnes’ head, and the Grizzlies scored 400 three-point shots on their half dead head. That’s right. Well, as long as the fans in Curie are fierce and loyal, they should also be for the purpose.

Right? Can we remember wrong? In fact, we are masters. Well, let’s push this matter forward. Let’s talk about the following things. For example, our main program is an objective program. First of all, we don’t flatter a player too much, and we don’t flatter a player too much. Whether it’s James Durant, Leonard, curry, etc., we all praise him, and we will also put forward different opinions, such as some fans. Ears, which are equipped with hourglass and filter, are right.

You can only listen to good words, but not criticism and inadequacy. Then, this program should not, um, mention that it is not helpful for your growth. It must be against your ears to say good advice, but now we are just talking about some stars you like.

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If it really reaches 40 or 50 games

Yes, the Laker team must be very good. Right now, it’s very bad. Before the beginning of the season, it seems that it’s very good. We did the program and said that it’s OK to play three high. 12 games, obviously not good, right? Well, I believe the fans who pay attention to us must also remember these words. They are almost right so far. Obviously, for a while, this Davis was injured, for a while, Mirotic. You’re injured.

Randall is injured again. He can’t keep three heights. At the same time, he’s healthy and on the court. Ah, this lineup has 82 games. It’s too much for big brother to play in the playoffs.

I believe in this series. It should be that there is no big problem and it is very dominant, but playing the regular season, obviously he is not that good, because the consumption of big brother is too big, so now that the record is not good, I believe that the record will not be very good, if it really reaches 40 or 50 games.

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It’s very likely that he will be intercepted by other teams


Give more of this, er, salary and space to Thomson. As a result, Durant can be trusted enough, right? I take it for granted that I want a contract of 380040 million, right? You don’t have extra money to sign them. If you want to keep Thomson. It must be necessary and ingenious, so Thomson can’t play well. Some people say that Thompson can’t play well, and the warriors can’t keep it.

On the contrary, if Thomson can’t play well, sometimes he can’t keep it. Sorry to drink water. So according to our argument and our understanding, well, for the warriors, the contract between Durant and Thompson is understood in this way. Ah, Thomson, only when they play well can the warriors retain Durant’s ingenuity, then Thompson’s contract will be settled. If it’s not good, then what Durant wants to ask for more than 40 million from Dingxin can’t escape. If you give us Thompson’s contract, we won’t be able to get it. It’s very likely that he will be intercepted by other teams. If you open more than 30 million yuan, Thomson will leave.

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You have to have excellent defensive players on it

Can you imagine that a player with an average of 10 assists per game is basically the king of assists at a few tenths? You would never think that Lori is such a player. Well, the Raptors, Lori is injured. The record of the Raptors has fallen all the way and lost several times.

In my opinion, this team has no big island, no player who distributes players, no player who distributes balls, but it’s very difficult to move forward. In fact, it’s very difficult. If you rely on singles, unless you have five all stars. It’s just like the warriors. However, in other words, how to defend the warriors and how to defeat the warriors, the first point is that you have to rent a house and live in every position.

You have to have excellent defensive players on it. It’s very important that the defensive ability of individual soldiers must be first seized and finally transferred to individuals. Well, Durant curry, in the end, focuses on them. You can’t give them a chance. If they provoke any empty shots, you must let them fight alone at the last moment. Even if the super has to fight alone, you can’t give them an opportunity, because you want to give them Kobe shots.

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This product is not a good line

Maybe I can brush a few more than you. What can’t be seen is to walk the lamp. So, such players, ah, I think that long-term observation is the most important test of the playoffs.

This is also the most important thing. I think analogy is that it was the same year, and it was still white. I don’t know if James Zhang Jie left the heat team. Whiteside came out. The young player was a little fierce. The game was 10 plus 10. Right. Although ah, scores are not much, 10 rebounds are right. There are many blocks. They can also cover those barriers. This configuration is m.

Well, this product is not a good line, this can not turn right, Haslem, not enough birdson Anderson, 78 bad people up to mention, no ball hit this person all ran to the heat, I think ah, this player to the heat team is too strong damage, this is not enough, other times not enough, right. But what is the situation? He was the player of the year, and the people who said this kind of fans didn’t watch the ball. That is, James played that stage, including the trend of the four years now. James, never copy those.

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It is true for many teams that the champion is not the champion

Kang forced to make more than 30 more shots. We said that, Kobe is better than Kobe Bryant, and playing in the playoffs later is just the first round of the game. Right. Don’t say it is Hardon, right? Of course, it doesn’t mean to belittle Hardon. I hope it will be better.

Right, then let’s say, well, another problem is that fans say Hardon and James are paired. The Khan Lakers bring James James to Hardon, or rockets say James doesn’t think about it. Both of them are right. No, ah, it is impossible for Haden to have this contract expired in the last three years. This kind of thing can never happen to the Rockets. It means picking up a treasure if you pick up Hardon.

It’s crazy to send her out again. It is true for many teams that the champion is not the champion. It doesn’t matter. There is no choice. After all, there is only one champion. But this kind of superstar, potential superstar, right, ha Du, one you sent him out. Right. Right. What can you get yourself? Ah, the ticket can’t be sold out of the attention. You refuse to keep diary,

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It’s also based on the rules

That’s normal, that’s right. Hey, second, let’s talk about it, because there are a lot of amendments to the current basketball rules. Recently, a lot of repairs have brought out a lot of videos and so on. The second part, the third part, the first part, the second part, it’s two, right? It’s not a walk, right?

It’s a very detailed subdivision, right? It’s also based on the rules. It’s revised every year, right? At least not every year, three years, two years, three years. This is revised, well, because the ability of the players, that is, the speed of the ball, the speed of dribbling, and so on, is changing. Right, the referee, the naked eye can’t keep up with it.

It needs this kind of, er, high-tech equipment to assist. It’s also a kind of representative, so this kind of equipment. The revision of the rules has also created the legitimacy of Hagen’s current technical ability and technical characteristics. First, we talk about the privileged class. Second, we talk about the legitimacy of the rules. We talk about the key points. Just remember.

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Three back and three small defenders gordenha added

No front team, seamless, free is death five small ah, not to say card, villa can also say that the five small death does not matter Cabra also switch, also changed, you think Cabra is four can be completely OK, as long as he changed over, we always stressed that we are now the basketball position concept is very vague ah. It is functional and starts to judge the position of the player. It is not right that the Rockets are in this squad today.

Three back and three small defenders gordenha added, right, the inside line, the inside line, the coffee, the ones, the Tucker Dennis tells me which is the middle wind and which. On the list, his brother is the center. His brother is the substitute of the center of tactinkabella. Ah, you can’t follow the NBA director to see if you can’t fix it. He played 400005 small.

Right. He doesn’t have the center no front lineup. This is a set of no front lineups. I don’t know if I can make sure. Ah, who is the top coffee? Does Cabela need to top his position if ekabella is not in, must a person come to top his position? Does he need it? 2345 chase. The rocket team can be unlimited. Switching. This is the concept of infinite defensive change. How is this.

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The Rockets need to be replaced

It’s all bullshit. The Rockets need to be replaced. No matter who you are, it’s not enough to fight the Rockets. How to win the game depends on one hand attack. If you can’t play, it’s very easy to lose. It’s very easy to lose. The main purpose of losing is to attack with the opponent.

The loss of your own height and rebounds is to attack with the opponent. Right? For example, you have the advantage of fast pace and high incidence of disease. You need to be punished. Why do you throw two three-point shots? Thank God, don’t throw.

You’re jealous. You’re in a situation where you’re giving medicine one and a half times. You’re trying your best out of the three-point line. You can never steal the ball. When you get the ball, just stay where you are and wait for the future. Right. DVD’s, with such a low three-point hit rate, it’s not about giving points, it’s not about giving opportunities, it’s just about giving the ball to the opponent,

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