So Celtic want to get rid of negative assets

Nick James doesn’t play now. There’s no news, right? The media is realistic. If people play well, they can call you. If you can’t play well, who can call you? Hurry up, right? Now, James actually plays the ball. Is there any report? Is there a report? The front page headline of the wharf reports where he’s entertaining.

It’s all tidbits, so Celtic want to get rid of negative assets, bad assets, Hayward. It’s necessary, right? Let’s talk about Owen. He’s very concerned about the future. I’d like to know what Owen is going to do next summer. But, now, it’s hard to say why, because the results have not been played yet. I don’t know how Celtic team can play, and how to go behind the self proud record. I don’t know. If they are eliminated in the first round, if they are dismissed in the first round, Celtic team will stay.

That’s less likely, right? Ask people if they can go to New York. Can they go to the championship? If they can’t get it, I’ll get the money. I’ll take the market. Is it such a good place in New York? Right? If I don’t want the championship, I’ll make money. Anthony asked me to make money. Right? New York didn’t give Anthony a super luxury lineup.

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It doesn’t make a decisive facto

Almost, for the cat, ah, this wolf dog, pol, right, er, attention to Pol and so on. We always said that before, we said that the player of Po is excellent. Many teams, cats. Ah, it feels like he has nothing to do with the deal.

But he helped him to take this good seedling away. It doesn’t make a decisive factor for the wrong. You don’t give Ingram pants. She doesn’t want to trade with you. But you give Ingram pants. He also has to keep Bohr straight. So I think pol can’t give it to Wan Wan, right.Kram, Coase, you choose the Lakers to start first for strong, faster, Anthony, Davis, this contract dust to avoid nightmares ah, er James should also act up, all parties, efforts, should act, ah, if the Lakers want to be competitive in the next few years. It is necessary to touch Anthony Davis. Of course, we say it is three levels, stage, first rush, three, this poor deal may be the first level, Thompson and green, you take a weakening Warriors team, which is the first benefit, right.

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No champion team will want this kind of contract 10 million

What kind of lineup does the Lakers want? Three, 30 million plus a pile. This veteran’s basic salary plus two middle-class families, fresh walnuts, that’s it. This is the lineup of the Lakers.

Structure, heart, formula. You can see what Jabari Parker is doing, 20 million dollars. 20 million dollars. First of all, your team can’t satisfy you. With Jabari Park, you can’t bring in the third 30 million players. Then he can’t play at the level of 30 million players. What are you going to do?

I’ll tell you the 20 million contract is now. No team is stuck in the throat of the contract, no champion team will want this kind of contract 10 million, 140 million, 15 million reluctantly accept, 20 million contract improper choke throat, very, very uncomfortable, so we have to press this year’s rockets if.

But when Gordon renews his contract, it’s very important how to give him a contract of 20 million yuan according t, because kabela’s contract is not 30 million yuan, so he gives harden a contract of 40 million , 350038 million yuan and Paul a contract of 40 million .

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here are countless flowers and applause


Can you reach this level? Ah, analogy: how many degrees does Durant have? How much is the squash? Black? Can you reach this level? How many other Hami? How much ha ha ha can you reach this state? Kobe Bryant on the day. Oh, yeah, it’s also known by Koch. About six billion American names.

There are 61 ha global and 6 billion. Well, you see, he reached the last period of his career. Once he announced his retirement, the whole United States was the whole. Basketball is like a tour. There are countless flowers and applause. As Wade has been, where are those black? KOH is dead.

Ah, James is also a professional. How long can you play? Three years, four years or five years. In a flash, James’ career has passed 20 years. You should know that he is a really good basketball player when he retired.

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If this team doesn’t have a smile

Garnett played as a small forward when he was in the woods and wolves. In 2001-02, he won the MVP in 2004. In 2001-02, ah, what’s the data? 20 plus 10 rebounds and 67 assists. Ah, you don’t need to score. You need more assists and rebounds. Almost all of them control the whole team.

In our own hands, we don’t believe it. I doubt Paul George’s ability to lead the team. If this team doesn’t have a smile, how far can Paul George lead the thunder team? In fact, we expect Paul George to take the thunder team to a new height. If not, with the help of wechat. Do you think the thunder team has a future? Thunder, the core of the team is Wei.

But there are Paul George and Paul George, but almost the same team went to Hong Kong last season. It has been proved that Westbrook brought his own team to the MVP. Scoring, Wang, three doubles per game, three doubles. It’s amazing that the thunder team has been brought to the sixth position in the western region. Paul George, without Victoria, can you bring the thunder to the playoffs? I want to ask Paul George, fans, do you have this confidence and determination.

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It’s a bit like the staffing structure of traditional basketball

It’s valuable. It’s not because it’s expensive without it. It’s because it’s valuable. It’s not only because it’s valuable, but also because it’s valuable. It’s valuable because it’s rare. Mido, a region, a siacamu, um, these players are all appreciated by us. Er, this year we played the first team, ha played the first team, um, he played this team. Er, how to say, er, Brogden, go down, right?

Middleton arrived, the guard, the letter brother guard, the double guard, the ER, Mirotic played the forward, the ER played the No. 4 position, the Lopez played the No. 5 position, this set of lineup, I feel it. Ah, the height is terrible, the height is terrible, it’s a bit like the staffing structure of traditional basketball. Ah, this kind of personality doesn’t count. I feel it’s configured like this. Well, I personally think this may be the transitional stage. Ah, do you really want to play like this? If this lineup is very strong, if this lineup is replaced by career.

Success, yes, under the circumstances, ah, well, I can say that I can actually challenge the whole league. If this lineup, I personally think Mirotic is still playing as a substitute. Well, it’s almost like playing as a substitute for Lopez, because Lopez is now shooting three points and is also a distant pitcher in biro.

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Which is the cumulative data of our previous program

The Lakers won’t get tickets for the playoffs. The first three games, the first four games, the first five games. If you don’t play hard with your opponent, the opponent won’t seriously defend you. James’s game is limited. So, you won’t fight hard. The opponent won’t play hard.

So, basically, you can play a college game, which is the cumulative data of our previous program. If you want to make enough of these five big data, scoring, grabbing rebounds, scoring, rebounding, assists, grabbing blocks, these five big data accumulate, especially scoring, surpassing Jordan this year, surpassing Kobe next year, setting up one milestone after another, of course, I personally think if you can’t get the historical score.

Phoenix, in the case of surpassing Jabbar, this kind of milestone is not enough. Er, the first is valuable, the first is meaningful. Ah, this is what I said. Ha, the first is valuable, the first is meaningful. What we should mention is Owen’s, er, the top ten goals today.

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It’s better not to meet the Spurs and the thunder team

Sun Li’ang was forced out of the playoffs by Jimi Butler in the 300 rounds of the World War II. Ah, it was very painful. Today, the Nuggets have sprung up this season and won the first place in the western region. I’m in a hurry. Today, I’m tied with the warriors for the first place. Well, now I’m in the second place. I think it’s a loss to play the Spurs now. Ah, work, division, Nuggets are very dangerous. Pioneers, Nuggets are more dangerous. But I’m the last. Who might be the target?

It’s better not to meet the Spurs and the thunder team, to fight against some other opponents, or to cut melons and vegetables and cut leeks and blazers. We have also said that the judgment for this team is, er, more than brave. Wisdom, not enough. Last season, we were not optimistic about the result.

We were almost swept out of the game by linbis, which was almost the same as our prediction. If you are interested, you can listen to it. Last year, in 45 months, we only had a game between the Blazers and pelicans.

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