Durant and Owen had to pack up

We can only say what may happen in the East, Celtic and Durant, or Owen and Durant. We think we have a very strong sense of this sixth sense.


In the end, I felt that Durant and Owen had to pack up, ah, have to pack. So, whether Celtic can beat or not, Xu Huang is very, very key to ah, this, can be called, champion, I say Durant will go to any one now. Teams are possible, any team is possible, because we lose, the premise is that the warriors get 30000 Durant, and 3DS BP has proved itself, no matter how this kind of proof is, no matter whether the proof has water or not, he has proved himself. At least, there are three champions, three MVP trophies. Is he right? No matter what the situation is, Durant still has the upper hand. Shaofeng that day is Durant. He must hold three champions and three fnpp. The reason is, ah, he has an idea. I personally think that although his practice is open to discussion, it is the most beneficial for him. Ah, human beings are animals who always seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. Don’t think Durant is a fool. He is not stupid. You are in Durant’s position.

You do the same, I can be very responsible, I tell you I do the same

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