Halier and I even think that in the clippers

In fact, ha, Rael is now averaging 19.3 points in 28 minutes per game. You can imagine that he is playing better than the peak kabela’s data. I believe that, when Paul George and Leonard are both back in full swing, the Clippers are players who can only be defended, not restricted and not defensible. Superstars have such characteristics. Paul George is bigger than Leonard.

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Third, under the premise that everyone has double cores, so Halier and I even think that in the clippers, the position, the core position is far greater than Lu. Williams certainly does not mean that I am not worthless. Ah, it still works. We should attach importance to our opponents in tactics and despise our opponents strategically. I think it’s like a wolf like tiger. I’m afraid of seeing harrier. In fact, Harry is not so terrible. You need to study him thoroughly, but it’s still very simple. You like kabela played very well in XX, the green set of regular season data. Don’t worry high, but once you arrive, the playoffs will be targeted by the opponents. After thorough research, the cards will be equivalent to saying that there is no such thing. In the end, it’s harden and Paul to solve the problem. Right now, it’s Hadden and weishao. In fact, the team’s core gun is still the most important, and the team’s main line-up is absolutely strong. Well, in the end, we will expect Paul George to come back soon. All the balls we see are meaningful. Ah, I hope Paul George, Liang and Nader can work together to build a complete and powerful clipper team. Ah, we will meet the Laker and XX in the playoffs, and so on.

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