Happy for a while, their original golden boy is back

Happy later, their original golden boy came back. For the team, what is Rubio’s position in the team? Russell must be the main point guard of iron. Does Rubio waste Rubio’s ability to play as a substitute? If Rubio plays in the starting line, Lhasa is playing a shooting guard.

Choose Edwards, let him play the substitute, that’s not very consistent with one. The growth process of the champion is right, and he also feels a little bit worse when he plays the No. 3 position. That transaction also makes the American media on the draft convention night very incomprehensible. The only possibility is that thunder is in this deal.

There were two other draft shows on the night of 25th and 28th. Quan may, according to the Timberwolves, is a relatively young team. He thought that I had eaten the big Rubio event, but I still had two lottery tickets to scratch, which may be worthy of mentioning. In short, this transaction is really a mystery.

My feeling is that if, no, wolf, there is something wrong with the library, then maybe they will have a deal in the future. Otherwise, it is very difficult for three people to arrange. That is to say, from the sun’s trade, Rubio was sold after two days of thunder, and then three years later.

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