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Laser Transfer Paper (Dark)


Dark laser Heat transfer paper can be used on 100% cotton garments, 100% polyester cloths or cotton and polyester blended fabrics. It can be applied on light color or dark color fabrics. Laser Transfer Paper produce vibrant, photo quality results. Unlike store-bought transfer paper, our transfer papers have excellent durability and wash ability. Excellent for beginners, small jobs or where colour vibrancy, softness and stretch ability is required.

Product features:

•Transfer paper works well in higher temperature laser printers.

•Produces vibrant colour transfers with your laser printer.

• T-shirt transfer paper allows you to transfer your photos and images to t-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads, etc.

 • Transfer paper works in most high heat color laser printers

 • Heat press application only (not for use with a hand iron)

Warning: Teetransfers has tried our best to test the laser transfer paper in most laser printers; however, we could not guarantee it works in every single color laser printer. Buy a simple pack before you place large order! If you are using OKI Data color laser printer, you can place large order.