Heroes from all walks of life compete with each other!

In fact, I think, ah, it should be faster, including the New York Knicks nets versus the clippers and these teams all want to be quick bullies and giants. After signing, the dust settles down, so the Rockets are not very worried about the Lakers, because there are already. Well, the third sentence, ah, as long as the first one is OK, right, the other teams are building two or more super teams. These teams are already behind ah, they have lagged behind, of course, the rockets and the Lakers. It has been deployed for several years, right? It has been deployed since the first two years. This is different from the starting line of other teams, and we can’t be too demanding. Because of you, you can wear it fast, and the reaction speed to the clippers is also very fast. To be honest, it will be ready for this year. If Harris wants to cast accurately this year’s magnates, then he will not be able to accurately predict the champions. Otherwise, he and his fans will not be able to make accurate predictions.


It can be cured. Then the fans of every team hope to be able to take off the big cards and play good results, right? But there are only a few stars, er, good players. It depends on the lower level of this kind of competition. Who can lead the league

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