I tend to leave Harris to create a player

The 76ers, ah, this rough experience.

I often play it for a long time. It’s really too long. The potion class harvest, playing, how much charge can be charged in the playoffs, and what position can I rush to? Right? Then, including penis entering Butler and Harris, these are very good operations, all of which are very good. This reinforcement measure is right. Even if it is to stay next year, if it doesn’t come down, at most one will be left. Well, I tend to leave Harris to create a player named Jimi Butler. He doesn’t need to be controlled. There is a big hidden danger for the uncontrolled player to stay in the team. Only players like James, superstars and superstars can be suppressed, and other players can not accept it. Right? Well, Jimmy Butler will not buy it, including, um, if we stop two rounds this year, I think it’s right. If it’s not cold, you can be fired.


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