If it really reaches 40 or 50 games

Yes, the Laker team must be very good. Right now, it’s very bad. Before the beginning of the season, it seems that it’s very good. We did the program and said that it’s OK to play three high. 12 games, obviously not good, right? Well, I believe the fans who pay attention to us must also remember these words. They are almost right so far. Obviously, for a while, this Davis was injured, for a while, Mirotic. You’re injured.

Randall is injured again. He can’t keep three heights. At the same time, he’s healthy and on the court. Ah, this lineup has 82 games. It’s too much for big brother to play in the playoffs.

I believe in this series. It should be that there is no big problem and it is very dominant, but playing the regular season, obviously he is not that good, because the consumption of big brother is too big, so now that the record is not good, I believe that the record will not be very good, if it really reaches 40 or 50 games.

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