It feels like this team has come to a time when it has to be rebuilt

The discordant comments and the news all came out, and it really felt that the team had come to a time when it had to be rebuilt. What’s more, we did a crazy Guess show before the start of last season. Do you remember that.

At that time, each of us raised two very crazy conjectures. In fact, you now have a lot of conjectures. If you go back to listen to this, although it’s crazy, it’s unreasonable, but some guesses are really a bit right. For example, although the transaction of brother wolfberry didn’t return to the place where the dream began, it was really after our program came out.

He was quickly traded. At that time, we predicted that Lin Shu and Hao would return to the NBA. Now it seems that although Lin Shu and Hao did not return to the NBA last season, and this failure may be the cause of the epidemic situation, ah, blocked him, but now, flexibility is crazy preparation in the off-season.

Crazy practice, three point girl, it is said that many teams have expressed their sincerity to him. It is very likely that the retail sales will return to next season and return to the NBA arena. That prediction is basically possible to be fulfilled. But at that time, the most crazy and controversial program was, it seems, also, the least likely that amu had been spoken by me.

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