It is true for many teams that the champion is not the champion

Kang forced to make more than 30 more shots. We said that, Kobe is better than Kobe Bryant, and playing in the playoffs later is just the first round of the game. Right. Don’t say it is Hardon, right? Of course, it doesn’t mean to belittle Hardon. I hope it will be better.

Right, then let’s say, well, another problem is that fans say Hardon and James are paired. The Khan Lakers bring James James to Hardon, or rockets say James doesn’t think about it. Both of them are right. No, ah, it is impossible for Haden to have this contract expired in the last three years. This kind of thing can never happen to the Rockets. It means picking up a treasure if you pick up Hardon.

It’s crazy to send her out again. It is true for many teams that the champion is not the champion. It doesn’t matter. There is no choice. After all, there is only one champion. But this kind of superstar, potential superstar, right, ha Du, one you sent him out. Right. Right. What can you get yourself? Ah, the ticket can’t be sold out of the attention. You refuse to keep diary,

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