It may not be as good as the six trophies of the gang leader

Including the players, the players of these teams who need to be in the finals need to be in the bubble, isolated for nearly 90 days. The fourth trophy of James is also very difficult, or it may be the most difficult and the most difficult for him to get. From this point of view, he won the four championship trophies.

Maybe it can’t compare with the six trophies of six wins and zero losses of the guild leader, but its weight and degree of difficulty may not be countless attention. I know that if at this time, who is the first person in the history of NBA among us, I think maybe you and I will still choose Jordan, who is the first person in history, but I think.

If you have to ask me this question now, I may still say it’s the help. But, no, I think I’m thinking about it. In fact, if you ask me now, I really don’t think we can answer it. I think it’s really very serious. It’s very close to me now.

But if you ask me this topic two years later and three years later, I think I will tell you the answer very clearly. Are you suggesting that James will read another champion in the next two or three years?

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