It must be against your ears to say good advice


No matter the team or the individual, they all gave a very high evaluation, very high evaluation. In the last game, sometimes Grizzlies played curry on Barnes’ head, and the Grizzlies scored 400 three-point shots on their half dead head. That’s right. Well, as long as the fans in Curie are fierce and loyal, they should also be for the purpose.

Right? Can we remember wrong? In fact, we are masters. Well, let’s push this matter forward. Let’s talk about the following things. For example, our main program is an objective program. First of all, we don’t flatter a player too much, and we don’t flatter a player too much. Whether it’s James Durant, Leonard, curry, etc., we all praise him, and we will also put forward different opinions, such as some fans. Ears, which are equipped with hourglass and filter, are right.

You can only listen to good words, but not criticism and inadequacy. Then, this program should not, um, mention that it is not helpful for your growth. It must be against your ears to say good advice, but now we are just talking about some stars you like.

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