It’s a good thing to talk about the second point

On the contrary, it’s a good thing to talk about the second point. Ha, this netizen said that James’s strength has been covered up or surpassed Michael Jordan. I personally hold this view. This skeptical attitude, ah, why? It’s actually very simple. Michael Jordan, ah, how many years is 9798 away from us now?

It’s 20 years. Unless you are 60 now, then you were 40 20 years ago or you are 50 now. You were 30 20 years ago, right. Well, I think maybe, personal identification, ah, is quite correct. If you were a teenager 20 years ago, this high school student, junior high school student or even college student, you may not have a very clear understanding of this basketball.

The following is not to say how big the gap between the two players is. It’s just that personal cognition is not mature enough or there is some deviation in personal cognition. For example, you watch some cartoons now, right? You don’t think it’s as good-looking as we used to be when we were children. It’s half a day every day.

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