It’s also based on the rules

That’s normal, that’s right. Hey, second, let’s talk about it, because there are a lot of amendments to the current basketball rules. Recently, a lot of repairs have brought out a lot of videos and so on. The second part, the third part, the first part, the second part, it’s two, right? It’s not a walk, right?

It’s a very detailed subdivision, right? It’s also based on the rules. It’s revised every year, right? At least not every year, three years, two years, three years. This is revised, well, because the ability of the players, that is, the speed of the ball, the speed of dribbling, and so on, is changing. Right, the referee, the naked eye can’t keep up with it.

It needs this kind of, er, high-tech equipment to assist. It’s also a kind of representative, so this kind of equipment. The revision of the rules has also created the legitimacy of Hagen’s current technical ability and technical characteristics. First, we talk about the privileged class. Second, we talk about the legitimacy of the rules. We talk about the key points. Just remember.

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